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State-backed venture capital fund could be on its way out
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

A venture capital fund that has helped Ohio companies and created jobs has an unclear future. The Ohio Capital Fund is waiting on new legislation to help it continue. Read more to find out how this state-backed venture program works.

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Staying Competitive with Executive Compensation
Caruso Richard E
Article Resource

As details regarding executive pay packages become more and more public, the best leaders are opting to make career choices that keep them out of the spotlight. This entrepreneur offers creative tips for finding and compensating the best executives in today's global marketplace.

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Tax Man Shares Tales of Luck, Learning and Leaving a Legacy
Bloch Henry
Article Resource

Although HandR Block had always been philanthropic, Henry Bloch wanted to establish a company foundation truly committed to the needs of the community as opposed to furthering corporate objectives.

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TechTown's New $5M Fund Only a Baby Step for FastTrac Entrepreneurs
Lovy Howard
Article Resource

Don’t get Randal Charlton wrong. The executive director at the TechTown business incubator in Detroit is thankful for a recent announcement of $5 million coming his way to help graduates of his FastTrac business training program launch their companies. But, he says, look at it this way: The money, granted by the New Economy Initiative, a Detroit-area philanthropic partnership, is not being thrown at comfortable entrepreneurs. This is, essentially, aid to the unemployed. And, as such, $5 million barely scratches the surface.

Many of the entrepreneurs to be helped by the First Step Fund, the entity created by NEI’s $5 million investment, are not launching startups because it seems like a promising thing to do. They have nowhere else to go, Charlton says. Their former jobs in the auto industry are gone, never to return. Their choices are to leave the state or try to create their own jobs in Michigan.

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Term Sheets from the Entrepreneur's Perspective
File Resource

This article provides detailed explanations of terms proposed in investor term sheets and the effects of these terms on the entrepreneur.

The Best Funding Source for You

This article provides an excellent framework not only for how to raise money but also for how to think about raising money. Key point: Always stay nine months ahead of your need for cash.

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The Entrepreneur as Steward for Good
Hall Alan
Article Resource

After selling a successful company, Alan Hall is finding innovative ways to give back to entrepreneurship.

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The Entrepreneurial Mind: Short-cut to Trouble

Are your startup financials accurate? Odds are they are not, perhaps significantly so, because you have not spent the necessary time and effort forecasting revenues. This article explains why revenues, not expenses, are the most important--and difficult--numbers to get right.

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The Interview: How to Survive an Expert Grilling by a Banker or Prospective Investor

Brief and focused, this article offers a solid outline of the questions venture capitalists and other potential funders ask before they show you the money. Only a well-prepared entrepreneur can supply the answers.

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The Money Hunt: Convince With Results or Tantalize With Promises
Article Resource

To maximize the amount of financing you can raise, you can either marshal tangible evidence of growth and success or demonstrate your company's potential.

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