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Real Estate Entrepreneur Paves Way for the Next Microsoft
Guller Robert
Article Resource

Recognizing the needs of technology start-ups, Bob Guller started an organization that provides space and support.

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Regenerative medicine makes progress but still struggles to attract investors
Vinluan Frank
Blog Resource

Regenerative medicine has come a long way in recent years, leading some venture capitalists to consider investing in it. The roadblock to investing in this field is not a lack of funds, but rather a lack of a clear explanation of regenerative medicine's commercial applications, says one former venture capitalist.

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Reverse Pitch Connects Corporations With Entrepreneurs
Nathan Kurtz
Blog Resource

Something extraordinary happened in Kansas City last Thursday. For the second year in a row, some of Kansas City's largest organizations participated in a reverse pitch. KCNext, the host and organizer, brought in a capacity crowd of over 200 entrepreneurs and other Global Entrepreneurship Week event participants. There were 65 events in Kansas City spread across a week and a half. But this event was different. This one was special.

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Rewarding Sky-High Innovation
Diamandis Peter
Audio Resource

Today's revolutionary breakthroughs are yesterday's crazy ideas. And Peter Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation and entrepreneur behind numerous commercial space travel ventures, speaks at length about finding support for new business frontiers that, literally, are out of this world.

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Sample Template on Pitching Angels
File Resource

Raising money by selling equity to investors is a rare activity for companies, says CommonAngels' James Geshwiler. Not many CEOs get much practice or guidance on how to do this key task. This document is a sample template for entrepreneurs to use in pitching their companies to angel investors, and covers six main areas of risk and ability to generate return for investors.

Sample Term Sheet -- Series A
File Resource

This sample term sheet for a Series A round of financing details the major points of a hypothetical investment deal for a first-round ?Series A Convertible Preferred Stock? financing.

Should healthcare startup owners play "small ball"?
Blog Resource
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Should surgeons profit from using medical devices they create?
Healing Innovation
Blog Resource

Many would agree that surgeons are qualified to create innovative medical devices that may be superior to what is currently available. But the controversy arises when surgeons begin to profit by purchasing their own products for use in their patients.

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Should the venture capital industry change its pay model?
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Although the compensation structure for venture capital funds may not be ideal, it does not appear to be changing anytime soon. Read more about the pros and cons of the VC pay model.

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Six Things Your Startup Needs To Know About Crowdfunding
Cameron Cushman
Blog Resource

On Aug. 27, we are welcoming Slava Rubin, the CEO of Indiegogo, one of the most-successful and most-recognized crowdfunding platforms, to the Kauffman Foundation. We expect a full crowd for this event, but we also will be showing his presentation entitled “How to Raise $1Million in 30 Days or Less” on a live stream that can be found here.

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