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Be Prepared
Manzi Barbara
Article Resource

Operating under a mandate to prepare for the worst in order to achieve the best, the author, an African-American woman entrepreneur in the male-dominated metals industry, writes that preparation has been critical to facing the challenges presented by the economic difficulties and post-terrorist environment of this difficult year 2001.

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Basics of Patent Protection
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

Patents protect inventors and may enrich companies--but the application and registration process may be long and costly. Here are the statutory requirements, plus the basics of an effective patent protection program.

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Award Ignites Hotel Company CEO's Passion for Giving to Entrepreneurship
Gallegos Michael
Article Resource

Michael Gallegos has always believed in giving back, but he only recently discovered the importance of giving back to entrepreneurship.

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Angel Funding for Women and Minorities
Schulweis Kathleen B
Article Resource

Women and minorities are offered tactics for honing their approach to angel investors, who are largely white and male, from an entrepreneur who consults in the field.

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An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
Fite Ronald
Article Resource

What does "Lean" mean? This article provides the basic background, terminology, and insight entrepreneurs need to understand how specific, proven processes lead to reduced costs, improved quality, and delighted customers. It also briefly considers the next logical extension of Lean Manufacturing (Lean Thinking), which allows service companies to benefit from the hard-won lessons of manufacturers.

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Accounting Basics for Business Owners
Cohen Steven
Article Resource

Small business owners must become literate about their company's books without becoming accountants in order to deal with CPAs, keep on top of operations, and prevent fraud, says the co-founder of an accounting services firm.

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A New Year’s Resolution
Ortmans Jonathan
Article Resource

Since the economic crisis broke out, capitalism has been under the microscope. Many have blamed evil businesses and market forces for the financial meltdown, and have lost confidence in private-sector engagement strategies for recovery. Luckily, in this country many more have experienced the positive impact of entrepreneurship either directly and indirectly. In a March 2009 survey, 63% of respondents said they “prefer giving individuals the incentives they need to start their own businesses as opposed to allowing the government to create new jobs directly.” A look at the role of new businesses in the economy reveals that it is not a matter of rejecting capitalism but rather of allowing more entrepreneurs into the economy.

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