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Legal Fees: Start Swearing Now

Pulling legal documents from the internet may be quick, cheap, and easy, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Sometimes more is less. An experienced, straight-talking start-up veteran provides three best practices about how to avoid mistakes, what you should pay, and how to negotiate fees.

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Letter of Intent: Form of Consideration

When selling your company be sure you understand the offering price might not match the value of your company and the deal is probably more complex than it seems. Pitfalls include nature of a stock deal, stability of the purchasing company, and tax implications. Best advice: Cash is still king!

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Life science entrepreneurs: Know your roles (and your profit sharing)
Emerson Dan
Blog Resource

New healthcare business plans can go wrong if the life science company founders don't discuss how they'll split up proceeds and shares of the company. Read what the Kauffman Foundation and other leaders suggest for life science entrepreneurs.

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Life sciences venture deals down in third quarter
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

The number of life sciences venture deals was down in the third quarter and first-time funding was down as well. Read more about the reasons behind the numbers.

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London's Alternative Investment Market and U.S. Companies
Reynolds Nigel H
Article Resource

London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is a credible alternative for U.S. companies looking for a market listing. As with any approach to IPO, U.S. companies should research AIM's advantages and disadvantages for listing compared with U.S. stock markets.

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Making a Good First Impression
Goff Bob
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs often have only one opportunity to make a good impression on potential investors. Goff includes recommendations to ensure that pitches have a better chance of gaining interest from angel investors.

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Managing Cash and Burn Rate
File Resource

This article discusses cash and burn rate--that is how efficiently cash is used and how much cash is needed to operate day in and day out.

Managing Creativity for Love - and Money
Pollock Wilson F
Article Resource

Fickle clients, fast growth, creative people -- crazy business! This entrepreneur watched his firm grow swiftly and his financial records become increasingly more complex, all while doing business with people whose first priority was not finishing the project on budget. He shares his experience dealing with creative workers, a quickly growing business, and his solution: strictly managed cash flow.

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Managing Your Cash Flow

This tool provides a detailed look into the various sections of a cash flow statement. It also describes two methods used to calculate cash flow from operating activities, indirect and direct with examples that will give you an edge when it comes time to preparing a cash flow statement of your own.

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Managing a Mail-Order Marriage: Building Trust With Your VC Investor
Hammer Katherine Curle Robin Lea
Article Resource

Venture capitalists play a critical funding role, as entrepreneurial ventures move into the big leagues, but the price these investors extract is often too high. Entrepreneurs should consider the relationship analogous to marrying a mail-order bride and proceed accordingly, according to this comprehensive and entertaining article by two women who co-founded a software company. Tips include advising company owners to build trust with VCs and, until that is established, dealing with them in a way that allows for "a reasonable balance of power."

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