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Letter of Intent: Form of Consideration

When selling your company be sure you understand the offering price might not match the value of your company and the deal is probably more complex than it seems. Pitfalls include nature of a stock deal, stability of the purchasing company, and tax implications. Best advice: Cash is still king!

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Legal Fees: Start Swearing Now

Pulling legal documents from the internet may be quick, cheap, and easy, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Sometimes more is less. An experienced, straight-talking start-up veteran provides three best practices about how to avoid mistakes, what you should pay, and how to negotiate fees.

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Larta Federal Technology Funding Guide 2006
File Resource

This comprehensive guide to federal research and development grants is designed for entrepreneurs, and includes information about the SBIR/STTR programs as well as general grant proposal information. This guide is made available for public use with support from the Kauffman Foundation.

Jump in the Pool
Dennis Jeff
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs looking for seed capital should consider Toronto TSX Venture Exchange's Capital Pool Company (CPC) program, which allows companies to go public by merging with a CPC.

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It's All in the Sequence

A seasoned angel investor outlines what his angel group considers to be the proper sequence of information for entrepreneurs to use in pitching to angel investors.

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Issuing Securities for Capital Formation
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

When a company needs to raise capital, it can issue stocks, warrants or options, bonds, notes or debentures. Know the functions and advantages of each before you choose.

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Is the biotech valley of death nothing more than supply and demand?
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Young biotech companies sometimes face a valley of death in funding, but a venture capital researcher is challenging that idea. Read more about the early stage funding valley of death.

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Is locavesting the next logical step for small business financing
Brian OConnell
Blog Resource

Local investing could be the answer to the problem of dealing with big banks and the way they do business. Read more about this funding alternative for startups.

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Is Valuation a Key Issue in Funding Startups?
Lipper George
Article Resource

Valuation negotiations between entrepreneurs and investors are often contentious. Such valuations rarely stray from the $1 million to $3 million range for seed/startup companies that angels expect to grow to $50 million to $100 million over five to eight years. Angels are most concerned about the management team's ability to rapidly grow the company and about helping the entrepreneur achieve these growth objectives.

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Is Going Public the Right Move for Your Company?

Being a public company has upsides, such as increased value of your company and stock liquidity. Entrepreneurs, though, should realize the downsides, such as compliance costs and lack of personal and company privacy. Looking thoroughly at the entire picture will help you decide whether going public is your best move.

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