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How to Get the Attention of a Venture Capitalist

What's the best way to communicate with funding sources? Guy Kawasaki provides both best-case and worst-case tactics for tracking down and capturing the money you need to grow.

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How to Reach for the Angels
Colbert Michelle
Article Resource

An entrepreneur preparing to secure funding from private investors called "angels" describes in this advice-packed article her systematic plan for approaching a milieu about which she knew very little. Tips include checking for resources online and crafting a presentation that gets across the company's unique offering while adhering to the formalities demanded by investors.

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How to find investors for your life science startup: Advice from angels
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

Angel investors in the life sciences talk about when, why and how to seek angel funding for your pharmaceutical, mobile and medical device startups.

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How to get a small business loan
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Conditions are tough for new businesses, but slivers of sunlight are shooting through the clouds. Take advantage by setting the stage for a small business loan.

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Hurricane Drives Interest in Online Backups

Whether it's to protect against a natural disaster, fire, or theft, backing up a companies electronic files is a necessity. Online backup services provide storage of valuable information at a location separate from the entrepreneur's company.

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Investing in bioscience for the long haul
Rita BaronFaust
Blog Resource

Investors in bioscience are looking not just for financial returns, but societal returns over the long haul in a global economy. And that will take collaborative efforts and a crowdsourcing of expertise as well as capital.

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Investment Valuations of Seed- and Early-Stage Ventures
Villalobos Luis
Article Resource

This exceptional article offers insightful explanation and key details of how angel investors determine valuations, why entrepreneurs and investors often have different perspectives for angel returns, and what steps angels and entrepreneurs can take to quickly find common ground on this critical topic.

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Investor Turnoffs

When pitching a potential investor, it is important to understand not only what they want to hear, but more importantly what they don't. Avoid these typical mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when seeking funding from angels and venture capitalists.

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Investor's Due Diligence Questions
File Resource

This tool will help you prepare answers to an investor's due diligence questions.

Is "locavesting" the next logical step for small business financing?
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Local investing could be the answer to the problem of dealing with big banks and the way they do business. Read more about this funding alternative for startups.

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