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Using Credit Cards: Watch the Fine Print
Fergerson Wendy
Article Resource

In the first three years of running her printing solutions company, Wendy Fergerson borrowed roughly $60,000 per month on credit cards without paying any interest. Out of that experience, she recommends credit cards as a way to bootstrap a company as long as you pay attention to the details on each card for which you apply.

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Understanding the Numbers
File Resource

There are many ways to read financial statements. This information will add understanding to your own reading of your financial statements.

Understanding a venture capitalist's process
Levesque Jane
Blog Resource

Securing venture capital can be a guessing game of trying to decide whether an investment will come through or not. Read about how you can work to get a positive answer and how you can tell if the answer may be a negative one.

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Understanding Venture Capitalists
File Resource

This article provides insight into fast growth company potential investors--venture capitalists.

Understanding Venture Capital
Mead Dana
Audio Resource

As a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Dana Mead supports entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to make major impact through life science technologies and ventures. In this lecture, Mead talks about Venture Capital, offering great insights about Silicon Valley and life as a venture capitalist.

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Understanding Depreciation
File Resource

This article provides several looks at simple depreciation, including one entrepreneur's example.

Trade Policy and Programs

In partnership with agencies across the federal government, the more than 50 TPP professionals and staff work to maximize the benefits of open markets for global economic development, address and resolve trade disputes, strengthen intellectual property enforcement, and improve access for U.S. goods and services abroad.

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To Be Young, Entrepreneurial and Broke
Csordos Mark
Article Resource

Young entrepreneurs with few contacts need to get real about raising money in a tough economy, and pursue avenues such as their own bank accounts, loans from parents and credit cards, writes the author. Another tactic is keeping costs low so that you need less money in the first place.

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Third Frontier Goal: Funding the Future
Article Resource

Ohio voters to decide if $700M bond issue expands investment in high-tech economy.

Self-healing metal that pops back into shape after it's damaged.  Machines that give surgeons full-color, 3D images of a patient's insides.  Sensors that warn police or soldiers of explosives miles away.  This is the promise of a proposed $700 million statewide investment program that aims to turn sci-fi dreams into Ohio's business future.  But does the promise hold up?

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The Three Shows
Haupt Norbert
Article Resource

The author asserts there are three tasks entrepreneurs need to do to attract the attention of angel investors. They are "the three shows": show up, show enthusiasm, and show humility.

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