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Trade Policy and Programs

In partnership with agencies across the federal government, the more than 50 TPP professionals and staff work to maximize the benefits of open markets for global economic development, address and resolve trade disputes, strengthen intellectual property enforcement, and improve access for U.S. goods and services abroad.

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Toward a Leaner Finance Department

A leaner finance function will reduce costs, increase quality, and better align corporate responsibilities in finance and other departments. This article shows how CFOs can apply the waste-reduction principles of lean manufacturing to their challenges.

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Toronto's Capital Pool Company Program
Rogers Mark C
Article Resource

Bradmer Pharmaceuticals, an American biotech company, chose to use the Toronto Venture Exchange's Capital Pool Company Program to raise cash in the public markets. The author shares his experience making the decision to list in the CPC program and his lessons learned.

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To Be Young, Entrepreneurial and Broke
Csordos Mark
Article Resource

Young entrepreneurs with few contacts need to get real about raising money in a tough economy, and pursue avenues such as their own bank accounts, loans from parents and credit cards, writes the author. Another tactic is keeping costs low so that you need less money in the first place.

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Tips on how to win NIH research grants
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

The National Institutes of Health has billions of dollars designated for biotech research. Read about how to win NIH research grants.

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Third Frontier Goal: Funding the Future
Article Resource

Ohio voters to decide if $700M bond issue expands investment in high-tech economy.

Self-healing metal that pops back into shape after it's damaged.  Machines that give surgeons full-color, 3D images of a patient's insides.  Sensors that warn police or soldiers of explosives miles away.  This is the promise of a proposed $700 million statewide investment program that aims to turn sci-fi dreams into Ohio's business future.  But does the promise hold up?

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The case for going on a yearlong fundraising road show
Seper Chris
Blog Resource

Entrepreneurs raising money for a life sciences startup can take many paths.  One CEO makes the case for raising money slowly.

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The Venture Capital Aptitude Test (VCAT)

Entrepreneurs pursuing venture funding will find useful information in this article. Guy Kawasaki offers insight into the venture capitalist mindset. His Venture Capital Aptitude Test could be used by the entrepreneur as a list of qualities for which to seek in a venture capitalist partner.

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The Three Shows
Haupt Norbert
Article Resource

The author asserts there are three tasks entrepreneurs need to do to attract the attention of angel investors. They are "the three shows": show up, show enthusiasm, and show humility.

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The Process of Raising Money from Equity Investors
File Resource

This article discusses the steps involved in the process of raising money from the first handshake to the cash-in-hand.


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