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The 5-Point Plan to Check Out Potential Investors

Stolen software, too-high brokerage fees, out-and-out scams are just a few of the pitfalls entrepreneurs must avoid as they raise capital. This article explains key signs of trouble and what to do about them.

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Term Sheets from the Entrepreneur's Perspective
File Resource

This article provides detailed explanations of terms proposed in investor term sheets and the effects of these terms on the entrepreneur.

Ten tips for making a good pitch to investors
Baum Stephanie
Blog Resource

How do you impress an investor? Here are 10 tips about what to say and how to say it when making your pitch. Read more for ideas you can use in honing your pitch today.

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Templates for Your Business

Fifteen downloadable forms and templates to improve business operations from planning for startup and established companies to forecasts and projections to balance sheets and cash-flow statements--even personal financial statements.

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Tech Trims Down

This article focuses on how many entrepreneurs today -- compared with the launch of the dot-com era -- are being careful with the money they spend and making sure they stretch their financing as far as possible.

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Take note of lessons learned from life science CEOs
Chris Seper
Blog Resource

There are some lessons that no amount of reading can teach an entrepreneur. Sometimes, you just have to learn by doing.

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TECĀ© Best Practices: Financial Management

Small-business financial management experts highlight in clear, practical terms what CEOs need to do to make their companies successful through financial management. There are five areas the article elaborates on: effective accounting and reporting processes, financial drivers, three essential financial documents, cash-flow management, and, especially important for growing companies, financial forecasts.

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Surviving the Lean Years
Heinmiller Robert
Article Resource

How do you survive personally when your business goes bust? In an article that is both realistic and compassionate, the author lays out a financial plan for the seven lean years. Stash away cash during the fat years, downsize quickly once the handwriting is on the wall, and consider moving to a lower-cost geographic area are among his suggestions.

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Surviving the Lean Years
Heinmiller Robert
Article Resource

How do you deal with things when your business is on the verge of going bust? This author lays out a financial plan for working through lean years to sustain a business. Key tips: stash away cash during good times, downsize quickly if need be, and consider relocating to a lower-cost area of the country.

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Suing a Customer for Nonpayment

A straightforward article about the three options you have to collect a debt from a non-payer: write a final demand for payment letter, sue in small claims court, or sue in state civil trial court. In each case, you'll need documentation of your claim and your attempts to collect, not to mention the hardy persistence entrepreneurs are known for. Bonus: Links to several other resources.

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