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How Equity Dilution Works

Issuing new equity shares of company stock has a direct impact on existing shareholders. Performing an equity dilution analysis can improve both financial decision-making and recruitment of new talent into the ranks of top management. A description process (including specific mathematical examples) are provided here.

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Healthcare venture capital ended 2011 with five-quarter high
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Healthcare investing saw a five-quarter high at the end of 2011, with medical devices getting the largest number of deals. Read more about the state of healthcare venture capital today.

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Having the Relationship -- Even With the VCs
Lawton Jennifer
Article Resource

Venture capitalists aren't the vultures they're said to be. They're just investors, and the key to dealing with investors is having a relationship, according to this witty exchange between the author and her construct, the Everyman-entrepreneur, who discuss financing at a typical gathering for entrepreneurs.

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Guide to SBA Loan Pre-Qualification

Getting certified in advance for a federally backed business loan can speed up the loan process, as well as allowing you to "shop" a number of lenders rather than just one. This article provides links to helpful resources to get the pre-qualification process under way.

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Growing the Old Way in a New Category
Rabjohns David
Article Resource

MotiveQuest founder, David Rabjohns, describes how he addressed key challenges in starting and growing his company--via bootstrapping--to number three in the "brand monitoring in social media" industry sector.

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Giving Investors Information: The PPM
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

The legal documents included in a Private Placement Memorandum give potential investors necessary information about your company, the terms of the securities being offered and the risks of buying and holding them. Here's how to put it together.

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Getting Paid
Summary: provides an excellent collection of 21 links to resources that can guide your management and collection of receivables.

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Getting Cash Sooner

In this four-minute video clip, a leading expert on finance and an experienced entrepreneur discusses practical strategies on securing cash sooner from accounts receivable. Requires RealPlayer available for free at

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Fundraising: No-Shop Agreements

When seeking venture capital, entrepreneurs may be asked to sign a term sheet with a no-shop clause. That means the entrepreneur agrees not to seek other investors during the final negotiations. This blog entry contains some good advice that isn't necessarily obvious to the uninitiated.

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Funding Your Dream Video

Mohanjit Jolly, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, moderates a discussion between five VCs and Angel investors. The panel addresses key issues related to the funding process, including valuation, business plans, funder presentations, and strategies for accessing VCs.

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