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Startup Pre-money Valuation: The Keystone to Return on Investment
Payne William H Bill Villalobos Luis
Article Resource

Investing in seed and startup companies is extremely risky: Angel investors typically realize about 85 percent of their total portfolio returns from 15 percent of their portfolio companies. Consequently, angels look only for companies that can grow rapidly. Entrepreneurs who pursue less aggressive growth are unlikely to attract angel investors.

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Ask the attorney: Will Senator Dodd’s new bill destroy angel investing?
Walker Scott Edward
Article Resource

Question:  I’ve read a few articles and blog posts over the past couple of days regarding Senator Dodd’s financial reform bill, and some of them suggest that it’s going to be more difficult for startups to raise money if the bill is signed into law.  Why is that?  I thought the bill was supposed to address the problems on Wall Street that led to our financial crisis.

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Bootstrapping: From the Trenches to a State of Mind
Welch Alex
Article Resource

In 2003, Alex Welch observed that e-commerce and social networking users were in need of an easy-to-use centralized hub to store and publish media. In this article, he explains how he founded a company based on this idea by bootstrapping his startup and later raising outside money.

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A Few Good Fundamentals (So You Never Have to Call on Me for Help)
Wexler Robert
Article Resource

Because he makes a living at sorting through the finances of failing companies, this turnaround specialist knows that the single most important approach for building new companies or salvaging dying ones is careful cash flow management. This entrepreneur writes on the balancing act and the pitfalls to avoid while managing your money.

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