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Opportunities and challenges of expanding in the global life science market
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

With double-digit growth expected in the life science market outside of the U.S., China or India is a likely place for a medical business to expand. Here's how to deal with third-party intermediaries.

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Operational Systems Example
File Resource

Read the example to learn how one company documented their operation systems and workflow to reach their goal of using shared knowledge to increase sales.

Operational Systems
File Resource

Considering your goals for business, this tool will help you identify operational systems necessary to support these goals.

Online Sites Promote The Art of the Barter
Article Resource

Swapping services between entrepreneurial ventures may not be new, but it is big -- with current reports showing 400,000 firms generating $9 billion of bartering activity in the U.S.

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One Thing Life Science Entrepreneurs Can't Have? Fetishes
Blog Resource

There’s no silver bullet for becoming a successful life science entrepreneur. But at a session on entrepreneurship and innovation at the FutureMed conference at Singularity University in the Silicon Valley last week, three panelists shared their tips on achieving entrepreneurial success.

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Offshore Outsourcing: How to Scratch The Three- or Four-Year Itch

An in-depth look at "offshore outsourcing" technology services, this excellent article reveals that relationships not continuously reviewed, maintained, and adjusted become "stale" within three years. Both quality and cost savings can drop to the point at which point a company needs to drop the practice itself.

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O'Brien: Finding Startup Success as a Physician-Inventor Far From Healthcare Hotspots
Blog Resource

Dr. Todd O’Brien has additional challenges beyond those encountered by most startup life science CEOs. The 48-year-old podiatrist still sees patients even while developing his latest innovation: an electronic tuning fork for measuring diabetes-related nerve damage in people’s feet. He's also building his company in Orono, Maine - far from any major healthcare hub.

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No Exit Strategy for Your Lifes Work
Libin Phil
Audio Resource

Thoughts and influences from early life continue to shape how Evernote CEO Phil Libin embraces his work. In this wide-ranging presentation, Libin shares key beliefs and provocative insights on startups, acquisitions and company exits. Based on his experiences leading multiple ventures from startup to commercial success, Libin urges entrepreneurs to chase dreams they would actually want to spend their life pursuing.

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New eMed white paper: business model canvas
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Getting on the right path from the beginning is a key to an entrepreneur's success.

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New concept in informed consent aims to clear research hurdle for startups
Kirkner Rich
Blog Resource

In biotech research, the gathering and analysis of data takes a great deal of time. With portable legal consent, Sage Bionetworks aims to reduce data collection time for researchers so they can make their discoveries earlier.

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