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A better way to design and test business models
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Getting healthcare innovation ideas off the ground is not easy in this mostly conservative industry. Having a proper business model can help startups to keep pushing forward and being more efficient with their time and effort. The video series called “From Idea to Business” offers strategies, things to avoid and step-by-step examples for entrepreneurs throughout the series.

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A Cautionary Tale About Partnership
Fox Richard
Article Resource

This entrepreneur thought he had built in adequate legal protections to ensure his partner in a new venture would not get full control of the business. When the partner was ready to sell the company, however, the entrepreneur discovered he didn't have the leverage he needed to stop the company's sale.

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7 Things I Didn't Know About Crowdfunding Before Today
Blog Resource

Crowdfunding is a hot topic in the entrepreneurship space these days. Many startups are asking about it, and are trying to decide if seeking funding from the crowd is the right for their company. Sensing this demand, we hosted a three hour event on the subject a few days ago which you can view here and here.

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5 Steps to a Safer Wireless Network

WiFi is becoming commonplace. But there is danger in not securing your network. Five steps to help: use your corporate network; keep a clean preferred list; enable security on your router; pick a good password; and enable Web-mail security.

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10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

Thanks to the Web, copyright laws are now front and center for entrepreneurs. Are the Fortune magazine quotes you use in your marketing e-newsletter protected? (Possibly) Are e-mails protected? (Yes and No) This article, while not legal advice, is an excellent, readable guide to today's changing copyright laws.

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"Lean In" Entrepreneurs
Wendy Torrance
Blog Resource

According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, a leading indicator of new business creation in the United States, men are “substantially more likely to start a business each month than women”.  In the seventeen year period from 1996 – 2012, the average rate of entrepreneurial activity for men was .37 percent; for women during the same period it was .23 percent. 

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