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Glossary of Terms: Accounting Jargon

A comprehensive and cross referenced glossary of Accounting Terms, particularly those used in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Globalization and outsourcing issues that worry medtech executives
Parmar Arundhati
Blog Resource

Global medical technology executives place a high value on quality, and it's that consistency of quality that keeps them up at night. Read more about the issue of quality in outsourcing.

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Getting Customers to Love You

Here are ten ways to boost your customer service ratings and streamline your interaction times. Customer service--you can count on--is they key, according to this former Lands End expert.

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Getting "Lean"
Matthews Rod
Article Resource

After leaping into "Lean," Southern Vinyl Manufacturing gained efficiencies in nearly every area of its operations. Specifically, entrepreneur Rod Matthews explains the challenges and rewards of involving employees in finding and eliminating waste using the "Five Why" process. As a result of "getting lean," the company resolves manufacturing problems by digging deeply to identify root causes instead of just treating symptoms.

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Get Everything in Writing
Frank Carol E
Article Resource

Passionate about her business and experienced in number-crunching, entrepreneur Carol Frank nonetheless neglected to patent her product and to insist on a signed contract from her supplier. Next thing she knew, a competitor was copying her design. In the litigation that followed, the U.S. Customs and Frank's insurance company turned out to be surprisingly helpful.

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Funding future for biotech is bright if you are prepared
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Ronald Lindsay, CEO of Zebra Biologics Inc., thinks changes in the biotech industry will lead to a trend of success for biotech companies. His company’s technology can be used as a platform to discover and develop bio-superior antibody therapeutics and complex drug targets. Zebra has just pulled in $9 million in its first investing round, and Lindsay thinks one of the biggest changes for the future of biotech is the availability of venture funding.

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From Stanford to Startup
Systrom Kevin Krieger Mike
Audio Resource

Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger challenge many of the myths surrounding startups and the lives of entrepreneurs. Both former Mayfield Fellows with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Systrom and Krieger share their first-hand experiences of the entrepreneurial process, including identifying good problems to solve and the value in building simple solutions and minimum viable products. Systrom and Krieger also discuss aspects of their co-founder working relationship and their efforts to maintain a balance between work and life.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Exporting

Lists frequently asked questions on international trade with links to these answers

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Free Trade Agreements Overview

Gives a general overview to the benefits of free trade, free trade agreements, and provides links to facts and information regarding specific current free trade agreements

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Free Technology Training Coming Soon
Charuhas Chris
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs and their teams will benefit soon from free, high-quality computer tutorials. This author identifies several innovative, entrepreneur-led companies that are creating technology tutorials and providing just-in-time, online training--along with why more companies are developing free, Web-based, educational resources.

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