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Tech Titans Draw Fire on U.S. Expansions

This article covers how some entrepreneurial growth companies, including Dell and Google, make decisions on building new company facilities in the United States. One challenge is considering the array of regional economic development incentives and local politics when choosing location to expand.

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TVAX: Cancer Researcher-turned-startup Founder Takes DIY Approach
Blog Resource

It’s a cancer immunologist’s dream to discover a safe and effective way to coax the body’s own immune system into waging war against invading cancer cells. Building a startup company around that finding, though, is definitely not every scientist’s forte. For Gary W. Wood, making the leap from laboratory to C-suite seemed like the next logical step.

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Survey Shows More Evidence of Trend Toward Online Storage

A survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association found that users of managed IT services are increasing spending in storage, backup, and disaster recovery services. One reason: a U.S. Supreme Court ruling demands businesses store and be able to retrieve documents connected to a case in litigation.

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Success Measurements Worksheet
File Resource

This tool will help establish success measurements and goals to be used in your Operations Plan.

Strategies for Managing Litigation
Patel Jayesh
Article Resource

The litigation process is expensive and needs continuous involvement and monitoring. And having a plan is key. This article offers strategies and insights on these topics and more for entrepreneurs who encounter litigation.

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Startups: How to Build Something People Will Buy
Wendy Torrance
Blog Resource

"No business plan survives first contact with customers," Steve Blank says. What? Isn't the point of planning that you maximize the likelihood of success in the marketplace? Well yes, but perhaps not the kind of planning you might be thinking about. A business plan conceived on paper, powered by a great idea or invention, enhanced by research on the size of the market and a customer profile, has great potential. But it also has a crucial flaw.

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Startup study finds leading global entrepreneurs embrace adversity
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Successful global entrepreneurs actually thrive during difficult times and find opportunities, according to a new Ernst & Young study. Read more about their secrets to success.

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Starting a biotech company? Read these five books for advice
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Starting a biotech or pharma business is easier with advice from those who have tried it. Read more about the books that share the successes and failures of biotech and pharma entrepreneurs.

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StartUp Health classes launching to help entrepreneurs
Baum Stephanie
Blog Resource

StartUp Health classes will begin next month, giving entrepreneurs a structured program to launch a healthcare business. Read more about the program for startup businesses.

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Standard ROI Financial Analysis Tool

This workbook, developed to evaluate the value of a technology decision, will help you build a business case by examining the real impact to your corporation's bottom line.

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