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"STAKEHOLDERS": Reinventing Entrepreneurial Performance Compensation
Higgins Michael T
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs needing to motivate high-performance people must reward them for creating long-term value and satisfying customers, rather than for maximizing annual profit, argues a compensation consultant, who devised an alternative to the bonus-based performance award.

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A Step-by-Step Process to Hiring
Harnish Verne C Mahoney Michael A
Article Resource

After realizing he needed a more rigorous hiring process in his fast-growing company, the entrepreneur author details his step-by-step interview process based on Topgrading hiring principles. This process enabled the author to recruit the best people possible for his company's top positions.

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A Systems Approach to Hiring the Right People
Faith Mike
Article Resource

Every employee has the potential to be an A player, says the entrepreneur author who leads a successful growth company. The key is making sure you hire the right people in the right jobs. To do this, the author describes how he used the Topgrading hiring system to hire and manage his team for growth.

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A Top Team Is Key to Growth
Matthews Jana
Article Resource

Unless you have a strong team at the top, you and your company will struggle under the weight of growth. Knowing how to select, manage and lead a Top Team is one of the secrets to growth.

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A medtech startup owner's must-have traits
Siegel Amy
Blog Resource

Owners of medical device startups who have certain traits may have more success than others. Here is a list of the successful medtech CEO's needed traits.

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Advice on hiring and building a great team
Emerson Dan
Blog Resource

What makes a great team? Hiring employees who are smart and capable isn't enough. Read more for tips on what to look for when hiring employees for your startup.

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Alternatives to Hiring Employees

Is your business facing the need for additional man power? Does the workload or budget warrant hiring a full-time employee? If not, consider the alternatives covered in this article: temporary help services, employee leasing, professional employer organizations, and service contracting.

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Are You Neglecting New Employees?

The on-boarding of staff members can be confusing to newcomers. Yet, this is a time when most employees build important relationships-- friendships, in fact, that can double the chances of those new employees being satisfied at work. In excerpts from his recent book "Vital Friends", author Tom Rath shares suggestions for both formal and informal orientation processes.

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Avoiding Self-Destruction by Outsourcing Information Destruction
Barry Ray
Article Resource

Before selling to Cintas in 2006, Shred First, the company Ray Barry helped start, had grown into the largest independently owned shredding business in the country. Here, he explains why, from a legal and competitive perspective, a seemingly "non-critical" function like document security is actually a critical function and why outsourcing document destruction to a reputable company is the most secure, efficient, and economical solution.

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Best Practices for Corporate Minutes

This instructional document provides a succinct explanation of how to conduct proper board minutes. This document stresses, for example, that board minutes are legal documents that show an organization's compliance with its required functions.

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