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Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Are you developing your top talent? Leaders that mentor other leaders become stronger leaders themselves. Avoid the distractions that can derail your leadership development process.

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Helping Others Be Successful
Article Resource

The people working for you will be the ones to determine your success. This article will help you discover what motivates them.

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Healthy above all: Genomic Health CEO's guide to starting a great business
Seper Chris
Blog Resource

Hiring smart people for a new company is not enough, says Kim Popovits of Genomic Health. Read more about what she thinks is important when growing a company.

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Health Plans & Benefits

US Department of Labor's resource on Health Plans and Benefits

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Guidelines for Terminating Employees
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

The decision to terminate an employee can be both emotional and frustrating. If not handled properly, it can also result in expensive litigation. These days, wrongful termination lawsuits are not idle threats. According to a recent study conducted by Jury Verdict Research, recently fired executives who sued are winning often and winning big.

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Guide to Small Business Team Building

Teams can take many forms during the early stages of growth inside the entrepreneurial venture. Providing adequate training and development for staff members makes group-based interactions more productive and many find the experience itself quite enjoyable. Here are links and suggestions for planning, implementing and measuring the results of team building activities.

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Growing your healthcare business by creating an internship program
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

Building a workforce for a healthcare business can be tough for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Read about creating an internship program in a small business.

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Grooming Next-Generation Leaders

Attracting, identifying, training and retaining leadership talent is key to a high-performance organization. With globalization, leading is much more complex process than simple project management. Different situations will require different leadership styles, a compelling vision, and the ability to reason in the face of ambiguity.

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Going Back to College--For Entrepreneurial Resources
Heinmiller Robert
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs will find a host of business-building resources at nearby colleges and universities, among them books, brains and bodies, writes the author. Scour the libraries for printed materials, tap faculty for consulting jobs, and marshall students for research and staffing needs, he advises. In summing up, he offers valuable tips for getting acquainted and making the best use of campus resources.

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Getting the Most From Your Best Entrepreneurial Asset: Your People
DeLoof Dion
Article Resource

Entrepreneurial companies can leverage -- or get the most out of -- their people by hiring efficiently and managing effectively, says the co-founder of a technical staffing firm.

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