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A Systems Approach to Hiring the Right People
Faith Mike
Article Resource

Every employee has the potential to be an A player, says the entrepreneur author who leads a successful growth company. The key is making sure you hire the right people in the right jobs. To do this, the author describes how he used the Topgrading hiring system to hire and manage his team for growth.

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A Step-by-Step Process to Hiring
Harnish Verne C Mahoney Michael A
Article Resource

After realizing he needed a more rigorous hiring process in his fast-growing company, the entrepreneur author details his step-by-step interview process based on Topgrading hiring principles. This process enabled the author to recruit the best people possible for his company's top positions.

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"STAKEHOLDERS": Reinventing Entrepreneurial Performance Compensation
Higgins Michael T
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs needing to motivate high-performance people must reward them for creating long-term value and satisfying customers, rather than for maximizing annual profit, argues a compensation consultant, who devised an alternative to the bonus-based performance award.

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