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Tips on turning academics into entrepreneurs
Baum Stephanie
Blog Resource

There is no shortage of well-educated people in academic environments. But the challenge is in turning the attention of those bright minds to entrepreneurship. Here are a few ideas on how to do it.

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Tips on Documentation of Employee Performance and Conduct

This article contains sound, straightforward advice and specific "how-to's" about performance documentation that any manager or leader of people needs to have and use. Entrepreneurs: Practice and preach!

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Tips for Hiring at the Top
Pearson Robert Bob L
Article Resource

hen a great leader is in place, it can make all the difference to reach success and often can mean turning around a struggling company. This expert and seasoned entrepreneur provides practical advice on the skills you should look for when hiring a CEO for your growth company plus six tips on building a strong top team.

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Time in Training Often Wasted

One in three workers thinks training is a waste of time. But, properly conducted, training can in fact be valuable. Making it work in your workplace is essential. This brief articles provides the basic guidelines for helping your employees make the most of their training time.

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The best ways to mentor talent in your healthcare business
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

How can healthcare CEOs train the next generation of company leaders? One study suggests training is best done with a healthy dose of no-nonsense straight talk in a one-on-one setting.

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The Trouble with Teamwork

The five dysfunctions of teams: results, accountability, commitment, conflict, and trust. To be effective, you'll need to understand the power teamwork ultimately unleashes, as well as the sometimes painful steps required to make it a reality.

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The Seven Demands of Leadership

Effective leaders can be groomed to manage adversity and sustain high-performance. Based on research conducted with more than 40,000 leaders across industries and sectors, the Gallup organization has identified specific abilities that can lead to success.

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The Real Promise of Empowerment
McGeoy Michele
Article Resource

When Michele McGeoy sold her first software start-up, she thought she was doing the best thing for her stakeholders. But, a few years later the new owners resold the company out of state, leaving her and her employees out of work. Having lost control by giving up ownership, McGeoy found a better solution for her next venture: She empowered employees by making them stakeholders and created a culture that promotes healthy growth.

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The No Jerk Rule
Sutton Robert I
Audio Resource

In this audio podcast, Professor Bob Sutton discusses "breakthrough" ideas in his latest book about dealing with difficult and conflicting relationships in a work environment. Sutton describes strategies to deal with "jerks" in an organization, and he illustrates the application of his ideas by using real-world examples sourced from readers' email responses to his new book.

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The New Standard for Deferred Compensation
File Resource

The U.S. Congress enacted IRC Section 409A in the midst of corporate scandals that saw highly-paid executives receive deferred compensation payments while other employees lost their retirement savings. Public and private companies must comply for deferred compensation to keep preferential tax treatment status. This article outlines the risks of not complying and what compensation is involved.


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