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Creating Entrepreneurial Employee Ownership at SAIC
Beyster J Robert
Article Resource

Founder Bob Beyster describes his highly successful approach to recruiting, retaining, and rewarding top performers--a culture of employee ownership. This is a core strategy for growing SAIC, an entrepreneurial, employee-owned, high-technology corporation.

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DOL Find it By Topic

Based on customer feedback and commonly searched terms, this page provides a shortcut to the information and services the Department of Labor offers on various labor and employment topics.

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Dealing With HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

People infected with HIV, whether or not they have AIDS symptoms, are protected in the workplace by federal and state laws concerning discrimination and disability. These guidelines for education, testing and accommodation policies can help entrepreneurs avoid problems.

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Design the Right Compensation Plan for Your Business
Carpenter Susan
Article Resource

Much work is involved in developing an executive compensation plan that keeps your company competitive, integrates short- and long-term goals, and contains performance measurement systems that tie back to compensation. Well-devised packages drive organizational goals and objectives and your top talent.

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Developing Effective Board Procedures
Mathews Charles
Article Resource

While effectual boards of directors can strengthen a growing company, this author asserts ineffectual boards can just as easily cripple a company's growth. Entrepreneurs should follow proven and concrete procedures for developing and operating strong boards of directors.

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Do You Know Your People?

How happy are your employees? It doesn't take a survey or a pie-chart to tell you the answer. But it does take a plan, which this lively blog post provides.

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Don't Ask Employees to be Passionate About the Company!

There is a difference between employees showing a passion for the employer (which is great to have) versus a passion for their work (which is a crucial part of productivity). The advice given here is to "let people do what they want and need to do" and to keep out of the way of success.

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Downsizing Well
Szatkowski Carol A
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs confronting the unhappy task of having to downsize when business conditions change need to execute in a way that preserves the dignity of, and, ultimately, the relationship with, the employees, says an entrepreneur who laid off her entire staff in the wake of the dot-com crash. Downsizing well involves throwing away the rulebook and dealing with people on a personal level, she writes.

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Employee Involvement, What I Wish I Knew 20 Years Ago

Growth-oriented entrepreneurs can achieve their targets faster and better if they "engage" their employees. Does the environment at your company encourage everyone to give their best team effort? Here are some hard-earned tips from a team-building expert.

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Employee Options and Grant Size

When bringing new employees on board during startup, there are a number of considerations in establishing financial incentives such as options. FeedBurner founder Dick Costolo elaborates on the issue and provides advice.

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