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Talent Agents

Critical leadership development practices can differ from one organization to another. Yet, identifying those which are the most important within the growth-focused firm can determine the "best in class" solutions to be implemented for sustaining excellence. These 12 strategies provide an opportunity to benchmark organizational performance.

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TEC© Best Practices: Management Development Overview

Companies that prioritize development of managers gain a real edge in the marketplace according to this overview. Underlying principles and practices for consistently building capable managers are provided and explained. Among the advantages are getting and keeping talent, more value from the CEO's time, more corporate flexibility, and a sustainable competitive edge.

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TEC© Best Practices: Developing a World-Class Staffing System

Outlining "best practices" in building an outstanding staff, this article helps entrepreneurs understand how to develop and use a hiring system. An effective system describes ideal employees for each function, ensures finding the right candidates, screens them before interviewing, ensures effective interviewing, and leads logically to hiring the right candidate.

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Succession Planning: Are You Automated?

The succession planning process builds employee retention, but it won't work unless management can access an accurate inventory of employee skills, talents and abilities. Additionally, if individuals don't understand what options their career path might take, they may look for work elsewhere. This article shares best practices and suggestions for managing a talent inventory.

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Success in Succession Planning
Matthews Jana
Article Resource

When key leaders are ready to move on to new challenges or even retirement, their legacy can be greatly diminished without good succession planning.

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Strategic Giving for Entrepreneurs
Miller Beth A
Article Resource

Pairing with charities enables entrepreneurial companies to offer a morale-boosting perk to employees while enhancing traditional marketing strategies, says the founder of a consultancy that facilitates such sponsorships.

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Steps to Setting Up an ESOP

If you have decided an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is worth investigating, there are several steps to take to implement a plan. This article outlines the process including valuation, funding, finding a lawyer and trustee, and more.

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Staying Competitive with Executive Compensation
Caruso Richard E
Article Resource

As details regarding executive pay packages become more and more public, the best leaders are opting to make career choices that keep them out of the spotlight. This entrepreneur offers creative tips for finding and compensating the best executives in today's global marketplace.

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Should surgeons profit from using medical devices they create?
Healing Innovation
Blog Resource

Many would agree that surgeons are qualified to create innovative medical devices that may be superior to what is currently available. But the controversy arises when surgeons begin to profit by purchasing their own products for use in their patients.

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Selecting CEOs with the Right Character Traits
Jameson James D
Article Resource

When looking to recruit CEOs for his companies, the entrepreneur author argues it's critical to consider in candidates a range of character traits, such as broad experience, objectivity, and respect for others. He shares his experiences in making the right and sometimes wrong hires and reveals key lessons learned.

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