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Primed for Growth
Article Resource

Leading an entrepreneurial organization primed for growth requires that the right people are filling the right roles on your management team.

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Perks Help Retain and Attract Employees
McMahon Michael
Article Resource

As an entrepreneur you're probably looking for ways to increase executives' perks as a method of attraction and retention. One program you might consider is a medical reimbursement plan. Another is a key-man insurance policy--especially if you have business partners.

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Passing the Torch of Leadership

Many entrepreneurs rely on internal bench strength to provide for future leadership. You can help ensure long-term organizational viability and avoid a talent crisis by exploring the benefits of building a best-in-class succession plan.

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Partnering with a Key Director
Anderson Peyton
Article Resource

This entrepreneur, passionate in the belief that Internet commerce was a huge opportunity, weathered the risk and realization of being an early player in the dot.com arena. Read how this CEO and cofounder overcame personal fear and desperation to heed the advice of the company's first board director.

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Options Acceleration

While vesting schedules may be similar from company to company, certain events or situations add a level of complexity. Dick Costolo the founder of Feedburner, explains the nuances of options acceleration: single trigger, double trigger, full acceleration, and partial acceleration.

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Open House Hiring
Hesse Susan D
Article Resource

This entrepreneur shows how entrepreneurs can hire using the open house method. This process enables you and your top team to review a large pool of candidates that you may have not even considered if all you had seen were their resumes.

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OSHA en Español

Outlines the Occupational Health and Safety Issues for Employees and Employers

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New NIH program trains tomorrow's healthcare researchers
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Making new medical discoveries is the lifeblood of the healthcare startup world. That's why the National Institutes of Health wants to lend a hand with a new training program for tomorrow's research geniuses.

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New LinkedIn forum for all healthcare fields
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Managing Your Company's Approach to Work and Life Issues

As an entrepreneurial company grows and adds layers of management, it can and should consider policies that address work and family issues or risk inconsistency across departments, writes the founder of a human-resources services firm.

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