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Using the Board for Company Growth
Payne William H Bill
Article Resource

In this Collection overview article, this entrepreneur and director argues boards of directors are critical success factors in fast-growing companies. This expert debunks a set of common misconceptions many entrepreneurs have about boards and outlines why an entrepreneur should build one.

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We Can't Manage As We Did Ten Years Ago
Smith James C
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs of a certain age need to accommodate the changes in attitude on the part of the younger generation or risk becoming dinosaurs, writes the author, who turned to entrepreneurship after a career in the U.S. Army and at a major corporation. Today's young people are technologically savvy, casual about dress and deportment, and forward about expecting to advance at a younger age, he says. He includes tips for adjusting one's management style to help -- rather than change -- the new generation.

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We're Young and We Get It
Strauss Oron
Article Resource

Age is an issue for today's entrepreneurs, especially those in technology-based businesses, writes the author, who founded an Internet company right out of college. Younger entrepreneurs, he argues, are more likely than their elders to be technologically astute and to be creative and flexible, attributes that are integral to their companies and enable those enterprises to succeed. The author includes tips for using youth as an advantage in business.

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Winning with an Occupational Health Provider
Schilling Don
Article Resource

This author and CEO touts the benefits an entrepreneur can get from pairing up with an occupational health provider when looking to improve the safety and health of their employees. Whether its drug testing, health and wellness programs, regulatory standards, or safety issues, an occupational health provider seeks for ways to improve the workplace.

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