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Managing Complex Sales Compensation Plans
Bonelli Robert A
Article Resource

This expert in sales and finance writes about how technology has helped meet the needs of his increasingly complex sales compensation structures as his company continues to grow and diversify. He shares how specialized automation software has simplified accounting, enhanced reporting capabilities, and provided management and sales reps effective tools for tracking production, revenues, commissions, and payouts.

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Make Someone Happy -- Your Customer
Vernon Lillian
Article Resource

Making customers happy is the key to an entrepreneur's single most important job--identifying, finding, and keeping customers, says the founder of one of the country's premier direct-mail businesses. Company owners must devise a system for maintaining rapport with buyers even as the business grows, the author advises. Included are suggestions for doing so, such as selecting the right products for the right customers and offering money-back guarantees.

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Low Cost Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses
Kupper Bruce
Article Resource

A small business with a limited budget can set up a Web site, promote, and even advertise to keep marketing affordable, says the founder of a publicly traded communications agency.

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Listen, Probe, Touch: When Entrepreneurs Sell to Customers as Individuals
Corlett Scott
Article Resource

As what is known as one-to-one marketing takes hold, entrepreneurs must take the measure of customers as individuals and provide precisely what each customer craves--or risk extinction. The author advises consumer-oriented businesses to listen, probe, and touch, gathering information about each potential buyer, asking open-ended questions, and keeping in contact on a regular basis.

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Leveraging Entrepreneurial Talent to Build Distribution
Goncalves Gabriel
Article Resource

The founder of a software company explains that turning to independent entrepreneurial talent to sell products enables faster growth at a more reasonable cost.

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Lessons from Failure :: Renting High-end Jewelry
Kander Diana
Article Resource

At age 25, Laura Sanko was a founding member of a startup that raised $3.5 Million from some world-famous investors and the Founder’s Fund.  The business model was simple: a website that rented high-end jewelry for special occasions for a fraction of the retail value of each piece.  Three years later, the investment money was all gone and while the site continued to operate, it had failed to meet the investors’ expectations.

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Leaving Presentations to Chance is Like Embarking on a Trip Without a Map
Wendy Torrance
Blog Resource

Leaving presentations to chance is like embarking on a trip without a map (hat tip to Amanda Schnieders for the metaphor). If you don't know where you're headed and how you'll get there, you may not reach your destination.

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Leaner hospital supply chains could open doors for new healthcare businesses
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Small healthcare companies have a vested interest in seeing hospitals develop better supply chain programs. Now one new study gives those hospitals a blueprint for streamlining their supply chains and boosting their chances of finding room for new healthcare vendor partners in the process.

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Is Groupon a great idea for entrepreneurs?
Strauss Steve

Steve Strauss in his "Ask An Expert" column on USA Today discusses the pros and cons of Groupon as a marketing tool for entrepreneurs.

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Internet Intelligence Index

Competitive Intelligence Guide: Internet Intelligence Index - Links to over 600 intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to individual patent and stock quote information.

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