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Allows export minded entrepreneurs to find local CS office for consultation and market research

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Finding Your Leg Up With a Niche Product
Blakely Sara
Article Resource

Attention-grabbing tactics for niche products include providing snappy names and packaging, placing cold calls, and befriending the media in an effort to win PR, says the founder of a specialty women's hosiery company.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Blog for Your Business

Are you the voice of your business? A blog can be your chance to interact on a regular and direct basis with your customers. Plus, it can drive more business in your direction.

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Five sales strategies medical device startups should avoid
Parmar Arundhati
Blog Resource

Some medical device sales strategies that worked in the past are not recommended now. Read more for alternatives to boost sales for medical device startups.

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Focus on product simplicity is perfect springboard for marketing
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Building on a simple idea can be the most important thing for a company in the long run. A focus on a simplified solution and a diverse marketing plan were two key things that set Smart Monitor on a successful path.

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Founders School: 'Just in Time' Lessons for Entrepreneurs
Thom Ruhe
Blog Resource

You don't need to spend countless hours in a classroom, or have an MBA to become a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs often don't have the time or patience to sit through a semester long class or six-week course in order to retrieve the answer to a question they have now--today. They need help quickly and efficiently. And this is where our idea for Founders School started.

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From company name to investment Venture-Med Angels advise startups
Blog Resource
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From company name to investment, Venture-Med Angels advise startups
Blog Resource
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Geek Marketing 101

A message to geeks who may not appreciate that marketing is a conversation with customers, this practical piece can help them understand that the passions of geeks are not the passions of users. Ten quick, clear tips.

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Get In the Ring: The Sweet (Startup) Science
Jonathan Robinson
Blog Resource

We're looking for a champion. A courageous entrepreneur with shoulders broad enough to bear the hopes and dreams of the entire country across the Atlantic to represent America at a global contest of pitching pugilism.

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