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Getting a CE Mark could get tougher
Parmar Arundhati
Blog Resource

Getting a CE Mark in Europe has allowed American medical device makers to commercialize quickly before getting U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to sell medical devices domestically. Read about how the less stringent European regulation methods are now being questioned.

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Giving Online Marketing a Greater Share
Topping Chris
Article Resource

In today's e-marketplace, allocating a larger portion of the budget to online marketing pays off for Petals, a silk floral company. The author writes about his company's commitment to using the Internet to positively impact sales.

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Great Compensation Plans Need Great Salespeople
Miller Joe
Article Resource

After many years studying sales organizations and working as a consultant, this entrepreneur offers practical tips for ensuring your sales force and compensation plans are highly effective. His premise: start with a great salesperson and pay them what they are worth. Otherwise, your sales compensation plan won't be worth anything.

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Green Marketing 101

"Going green" is a strategy many organizations are trying to implement, but the marketing processes and language associated with this trend can be elusive. Marketing expert and blogger John Dodds shares his Top 10 list of marketing insights the societally responsible entrepreneur should keep in mind.

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Guide to Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Understanding market competition is an integral part of establishing a viable business strategy. Used for both short- and long-term purposes, business intelligence can inform decisions related to pricing, advertising, marketing, and branding. Public and private resources, as well as professional research services, are profiled here. And there are several additional links for you to gather competitive intelligence on competitive intelligence.

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Guide to Online Market Research
File Resource

This research guide is filled with tools, including databases, trade publications, and more to assist entrepreneurs as they study a potential market--customers, demographics, competitors, trends, and more.

Guy Kawasaki: Top Ten Lies of Marketers (with bonus)

Guy Kawasaki can't stop with ten, he goes to twelve and then two more. However, at the end he provides the user with a link to a good counter balance, "The Top Ten Truths of Real Marketers."

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Handling Online Customer Feedback
Zeltzer Alysa Villafranco John
Article Resource

This article provides ideas on how you can respond to online customer feedback (especially when it's anonymous) to protect your company's reputation and to bolster your online marketing strategy.

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Health IT startup knocks down barriers with international deal
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

An emerging health IT startup in Ohio landed an international deal in Canada that forced it – and gave it a reason – to make its electronic health record software multilingual.

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Healthcare innovations need healthcare business plans, goals to succeed
Suennen Lisa
Blog Resource

Ideas for healthcare innovations abound, but will go nowhere unless entrepreneurs with defined goals and healthcare business plans bring those ideas to life.

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