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UBI analyzes top univeristy incubators
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Turning Sales Compensation On Its Head
Wardlaw Townsend
Article Resource

Rather than viewing compensation plans as a motivational tool, this entrepreneur believes they should be considered a means for managing risk and protecting the company's cash assets. He explains his firm's model, which is based on transferring more risk to sales associates, sharing resources across clients, and tying a portion of base salary to reaching certain revenue-related milestones.

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True Believers

Transforming customers from passive buyers to active participants will likely require a shift in marketing strategy for most entrepreneurs. Yet building a community of passionate consumers can be an effective way to create long-term growth and competitive advantage.

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Trade Shows: A Key Tool For Marketers
Krotz Joanna L
Article Resource

Participating in trade shows is a significant way to earn press coverage and publicity for your company. This author provides a nine-step plan to execute a solid trade show presence, such as meet with media at the show and allow attendees to demo your product or service.

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To Blog or Not to Blog? Let Your Corporature Culture Decide
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Julie Atherton, a communications expert at Hill and Knowlton, discusses the pros and cons of whether corporations should adopt blogging as a communications tool. She notes a corporation's ultimate decision on blogging should be based on knowing its own culture and how that culture is perceived by its customers.

Tips for getting the CE Mark
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

With medical device companies becoming increasingly frustrated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, many American companies are looking to Europe to get approval there first. Here are some tips to consider before pursuing the CE Mark.

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Time for Some Buzz-Kill

A Business Week columnist argues for putting a cork in the mouths of marketing gurus who spout jargon that only complicates an already complicated task. It's a fun piece filled with interesting facts that drive a very sharp point home: Always keep it simple.

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Three ways to look at a startup's total addressable market
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

Determining the total addressable market is an important step for early-stage startups. Here are three ways to do it.

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Three things startups should avoid when talking to investors
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Three Universal Laws of Marketing: How to Get Customers to Beg for Your Product
Smilor Ray
Article Resource

Entrepreneurial success awaits companies that are not just better but different. If you keep your promises and sell more than just product, you'll be irresistible.

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