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Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Attend SXSW 2015
Nathan Kurtz
Blog Resource

People everywhere. Parties that seem to be on continuous loop all day. Vendors marketing new ideas, new startups or new swag everywhere you go. And then there's the conference with its many speakers presenting on topics ranging from anything to everything. With 30,000 people in attendance, the South By Southwest Interactive Conference can be overwhelming. So from a recent SXSW newbie to you, here are three questions to ask yourself when preparing to attend SXSW 2015.

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The World's Shortest Marketing Plan

Marketing plans don't have to be long to be effective; in fact just the opposite, says this international marketing VP. He's even provided a handy matrix-like template he invented when he realized the templates available were much too long.

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The Two Faces of Niche Marketing
Lawton Jennifer
Article Resource

Niche businesses either start with specific offerings for a discreet audience or carve out specialities within a broader base. Either way, entrepreneurs who operate niche companies must understand themselves, their goals, and their customers, in order to deliver marketing campaigns that are simple and effective.

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The Rise of the Participant Economy
Sifry David L
Article Resource

The rise of today's participant economy should be viewed by marketers as an opportunity. Technorati's David Sifry says the overall goal is to build a concrete two-way relationship with your customers in this new e-communications era.

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The New Frontier in Gaming
Earl Nick
Audio Resource

Nick Earl, Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts shares his thoughts on the future of the gaming market. He discusses the changing global market space, the latest generation of consoles, mobile game distribution, user generated content, social networks and EA's strategy in the online gaming space.

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The Marketing Map
File Resource

This tool and sample provides a systematic way to expand a marketing strategy into specific tactics and activities for implementation.

The Importance of Marketing
Article Resource

Developing effective marketing strategies can be the difference in the success of roughly equal products and services.

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The FUD Factor: How to Persuade Customers to Buy
Smilor Ray
Article Resource

Understanding your customers' state of mind is only the first step in the process of closing a sale. Fear, uncertainty and doubt can be increased or decreased, using a few simple techniques.

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The Entrepreneurial Mind: Short-cut to Trouble

Are your startup financials accurate? Odds are they are not, perhaps significantly so, because you have not spent the necessary time and effort forecasting revenues. This article explains why revenues, not expenses, are the most important--and difficult--numbers to get right.

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The Dynamic Relationship Between an Entrepreneur and VC
Bloom Ron
Audio Resource

Ray Lane, General Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Ron Bloom, CEO of PodShow, describe their relationship in building an online media entertainment company focused on meeting the fast-changing demands of today's web users.

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