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PR for an early-stage company: When do you need it?
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

Publicity is good for an early-stage company, but you shouldn't be pumping lots of dollars into public relations for your new healthcare business. Read more about the right time to hire a PR agency.

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Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Cracking the Code
Cannon Rich
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs can best harness the marketing potential of the Internet by designing sites that employ tactics such as bundling product offerings, says the founder of a technology company.

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One Thing Life Science Entrepreneurs Can't Have? Fetishes
Blog Resource

There’s no silver bullet for becoming a successful life science entrepreneur. But at a session on entrepreneurship and innovation at the FutureMed conference at Singularity University in the Silicon Valley last week, three panelists shared their tips on achieving entrepreneurial success.

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One Market at a Time

Dan Elenbaas, CEO and chairman of Amaze Entertainment, explains the strategy that led his company to expand into lucrative Asian markets.

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O'Brien: Finding Startup Success as a Physician-Inventor Far From Healthcare Hotspots
Blog Resource

Dr. Todd O’Brien has additional challenges beyond those encountered by most startup life science CEOs. The 48-year-old podiatrist still sees patients even while developing his latest innovation: an electronic tuning fork for measuring diabetes-related nerve damage in people’s feet. He's also building his company in Orono, Maine - far from any major healthcare hub.

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Now Presenting

Effectively customizing your sales presentations is pivotal in engaging your audience and closing the deal. Author and marketing expert Barry Farber shares several tips on how to make your next pitch memorable for all the right reasons.

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Normal is a Commodity

Don't have the big marketing dollars to stand out the way your larger competitors do? Here's a marketing idea that might help: Make your message "a little weird." This small-business blog explains the concept in commonsense terms, acknowledging that it takes guts but emphasizing that the payoff may be well worth it.

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New World Orders

This article in "Minnesota Technology" magazine provides stories of several entrepreneurs who pursued global sales strategies when homeland sales were lagging.

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Netpreneurs: A New Breed of Entrepreneur
Morino Mario
Article Resource

Netpreneurs--entrepreneurs who are building Internet-related businesses--are a breed apart, argues the writer. In building a new economy with vastly different attributes, these business owners must react quickly, adapt deftly, and zero in on specialties, or "niches," conducive to online commerce, says the author, who founded a software company in the 1970s and, more recently, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities take advantage of the Internet.

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Negotiation Course
Christensen Stan Springer Dan
VideoSeries Resource

Dan Springer brings over 20 years of executive leadership and strategic sales and marketing consulting experience to Responsys, with proven success in interactive marketing, e-commerce, and finance. As Chief Executive Officer, Dan is responsible for charting Responsys' strategic direction and extending the company's leadership into new realms of digital marketing. Prior to Responsys, Dan was Managing Director in the San Francisco office of Modem Media where he was responsible for general management of the agency's western United States operations. Dan led the development of the agency's Performance Marketing capability by leveraging database marketing, web site analytics and search engine marketing techniques. Prior to Modem Media as the CEO of Telleo, Inc., he refocused the business from online advertising to business partnerships with leading brands like Taco Bell. Previously, Springer was also the Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager for NextCard, where he built the fastest-growing credit card in history by creating one of the Internet's top five advertisers. He started his career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and DRI/McGraw-Hill. Dan holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Occidental College. He also sits on the board of directors for ITI, E-LOAN and The Randall Museum.

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