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Cleveland Clinic looking for microsensor design via open innovation
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Cleveland Clinic is looking for a design for a surgically implantable microsensor. Are you up for the $30,000 challenge?

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Commerce Trade Mission Calendar

U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Mission Calendar

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Commercial News USA

US Commercial Service Export Promotion Magazine

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Commercial Service Market Research Library

Market Research Guides for Foreign Countries

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Commercial Service Sales & Marketing Services

Critical information about international markets and targeted marketing services to help you evaluate your export potential and establish a sales presence overseas and targeted marketing services.

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Commodity and Electronics Price Forecasts for 2006

This article forecasts manufacturing costs for 2006 based on the price of commodities in some detail: energy (up); steel (down); stainless steel (down); electronics (flat). PC growth in developing countries will drive growth in electronics.

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Communication is a key to disruptive innovation
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Innovation is often called "disruptive" in the healthcare industry, and the first step toward making that innovation successful is to get a product's targeted users to accept change. Founder of Fitzeal, Clifton Dawson, found a way to get people to use his product by focusing on a strong user support system.

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Competitors' Pricing Strategies Worksheet
File Resource

This tool will guide entrepreneurs through the process of evaluating competitors' pricing strategies to evaluate which pricing strategies would most likely help achieve growth goals.

Complexities for startups within different healthcare spaces
Blog Resource
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Conduct a Market Analysis

A market analysis helps to determine whether the marketplace needs a new product or service. This article outlines the process for developing a marketing plan and offers additional resources to help gather useful information.

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