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Protecting IP portfolio is ket for life science startups
Dan Emerson
Blog Resource

Building and protecting an intellectual property portfolio for your life science startup is important not only for protecting an idea, but also for increasing your company's valuation. Read more for tips on intellectual property protection.

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Data is key to bringing down healthcare cost curve, says new Kauffman report
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

Data sharing can bring down healthcare costs, says a new Kauffman Foundation report. Read about open access to medical data.

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Updated patent laws will change how device makers innovate
Auvil Steven
Blog Resource

How will medtech and biotech companies be affected by the recently approved Leahy-Smith America Invents Act? Read more for five things these companies need to know about the modernized patent laws.

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What's ahead for the FDA?
Kirkner Rich
Blog Resource

Should the U.S. Food and Drug Administration protect the public or drive innovation? One industry leader gives us his take on the future of the FDA.

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American medical device industry can't have it both ways
Healing Innovation
Blog Resource

In the race to get new medical devices to market, companies encounter FDA speed bumps that slow down the process. But would we really be willing to accept the risks that would accompany fast FDA approvals?

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Entrepreneurship Policy Experts: Weigh In
Cushman Cameron
Blog Resource

The Kauffman Foundation is in search of experts on high growth entrepreneurship policy to help create a global policy roadmap for advancing entrepreneurship. Weigh in with your thoughts on policies that facilitate entrepreneurship, ways to remove regulatory barriers for entrepreneurs, or any topic pertaining to global policy and entrepreneurship.

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Effects of healthcare reform repeal likely minimal
Fisher Dr Westby G
Blog Resource

Even if legal attempts to derail the US healthcare reform bill were successful, it wouldn’t really matter.

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The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs
Wadhwa Vivek Jain Sonali Saxenian AnnaLee Gereffi Gary Wang Huiyao
File Resource

The report, “The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs,” is based on a survey of U.S.-educated Indian and Chinese professionals who had returned to their home countries and started businesses. These respondents cited economic opportunities, favorable conditions for starting a business and the speed of professional growth as the leading motivations for returning home. Family ties also played a significant role in attracting the entrepreneurs back to their native countries.

An Entrepreneurial Win for the Future
Ruhe Thom
Blog Resource

President Obama and his cabinet secretaries visited Northeast Ohio to talk about issues, opportunities, and new ideas around entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture
Moe Michael Draper Tim Perkins Tony
VideoSeries Resource

Timothy C. Draper is the Founder and a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. He was instrumental in bringing viral marketing to web-based e-mail to geometrically spread the successes of Hotmail and YahooMail, and the practice has been adopted as a standard marketing technique by countless businesses and organizations. Draper launched the DFJ Global Network, an international network of early-stage venture capital funds with offices in over 30 cities around the globe. He also serves on the boards of Skype, SocialText, Project Y, MailFrontier and Chroma Graphics. He was an original investor in Parametric Technology (PMTC), Tumbleweed Communications (TMWD), (OVER), Digidesign (AVID), Preview Travel (TVLY), Four11 (YHOO), Combinet (CSCO), and Redgate (AOL). He also founded or co-founded Wasatch Ventures (Salt Lake City), Zone Ventures (LA), Draper Atlantic (Reston), Draper Triangle (Pittsburg), Timberline Ventures (Portland), Polaris Fund (Anchorage), Draper Fisher Jurvetson Gotham (NYC) and DFJ Frontier (Sacramento and Santa Barbara). Draper has been recognized as a leader in entrepreneurship and venture capital through numerous awards and honors, and he has frequent TV, radio, and headline appearances. He was number seven on Forbes? Midas List and number 52 on the list of the most influential Harvard Alumni. He was also named AlwaysOn Magazine?s number one top venture capital dealmaker for 2008. Tim is the course creator and Chairman of BizWorld, a 501c3 organization built around simulated teaching of entrepreneurship and business to children. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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