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You Can't Take That Away From Us
Tatelman Barry
Article Resource

A culture of fun and respect for customers and employees pervades this family-owned furniture business that has been sold to legendary investor Warren E. Buffett, writes the author. Culture is what can't be taken away, even after a company is sold, as both the author and his brother are still actively involved, he notes.

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You Always Start the Last Company

Hindsight is 20/20, or so the saying goes. It's useful to learn from the mistakes you made in your last venture, but realize that they might not apply to this venture. So, focus on things you can control (not your competition), be passionate about revenue (or hire someone who is), and remember that, as the author points out, "it's easier to keep spending under control than it is to get spending under control."

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Yahoo! Invests $500k in Egyptian Innovation Campaign
Menon Vineetha
Article Resource

Yahoo! and Egypt-based NGO Nahdet El Mahrousa have launched a campaign called ‘Social Innovation Starts with YOU' that hopes to inspire and motivate young Egyptians to be social entrepreneurs.

The campaign is in line with the U.S. Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship that will take place on April 26 - 27, 2010 in Washington D.C., where Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang will deliver a keynote speech on how the Internet can positively transform lives, societies, and economies in Arab communities.

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Working on the Waterfront
Stein Joel
Article Resource

While you're Dilberting away in your cubicle, there are people taking conference calls in broad shorts and flip-flops.  While you're saving your two weeks of vacation to hit the sand, they're getting paid to be there.

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Work-life balance

This blog entry by a Chief Happiness Officer tackles an important topic from the European point of view. It's a useful reminder that not all of your employees are as zealous about your vision as you or your senior executives. Some will perform better if you keep that in mind.

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Words of Wisdom from an Experienced CEO
Kriens Scott
Audio Resource

In a humble and anecdotal talk, Scott Kriens, CEO of Juniper Networks, walks through the founding and growth of the company.  He provides insight on a variety of issues ranging from the power of strong markets, to personal growth, to globalization and net neutrality.

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With a Mentor by Your Side
Voth Emily
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs loath to seek mentoring should take at least one piece of advice: try it, you'll like it, writes the author who built a business by accepting help from smarter and more experienced founders. Included is a look at the workings of her relationship with her current mentor. (Originally Published October 2002)

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With Limited Resources, Stay Focused on Your Goal
Christina Sherwood
Blog Resource

For the life science textile company PurThread Technologies, landing an exclusive deal to embed Eastman Kodak's antimicrobial agent into textiles was a major victory that deserved celebrating. But PurThread president and CEO Lisa T. Grimes has made sure the company also lauded smaller achievements along the way.

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Will VCs really stop funding startups?
Cook Jon
Article Resource

If the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes is passed there will be a lot of unhappy venture capitalists, who say they may stop investing in startups.

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Wild and Crazy Guys: How Entrepreneurs Build Culture
Smilor Ray
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs can create a company culture that reflects their values and motivates employees by experimenting with unusual events and activities in the workplace. Here are some ideas to jump-start your thinking.

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