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Brand Yourself

This article lists and explains five steps to building your personal brand. The basics are to develop expertise and then become known for that expertise. It takes more than networking to get noticed; it takes a good product. In this case, that product is you.

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Branding for Results
Carey WR Max
Article Resource

Learn how a clearly defined brand identity can help build your business, even in the face of fierce competition.

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Branding: The Power of Personality
Vernon Lillian
Article Resource

At a time when branding is more important than ever for entrepreneurs, Lillian Vernon, the doyenne of direct-mail retailing, talks about branding herself to reach her customers. In the past half century, the strategy has enabled her company to get valuable publicity, as well as more easily extend its product line and weather times of crisis, the author writes.

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Bridging the Digital Divide
Dash Darien
Article Resource

Founding an Internet company was a logical step for this college-educated rap fan with cable-industry marketing experience. He's a man with a mission: equipping minority communities with computer technology and online access so they can participate fully in the new economy. Commercial and community partnerships enable him to grow the business and carry the message.

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Bringing an Innovative Razor to the Masses
Meece Mickey
Article Resource

L.P.I. Consumer Products makes and distributes patented ShaveMate all-in-one razors that feature shaving cream dispensed from the handle.

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Buddy System

This brief but insightful article offers five guidelines to help decide if an alliance would help your company, as well as someone else's. Partnering can provide immediate access to technology, distribution, and other infrastructure without the time and expense of in-house development.

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Build a "healthy" company
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Kim Popovits, CEO of Genomic Health Inc., gave the keynote speech at a Life Science Ventures Summit hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. Popovits closed her speech by stressing the importance of having a company that is “healthy” (34:56-40:22).

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Building An Online Brand For Your Startup
Amanda Schnieders
Blog Resource

Strategic words are out. Personal search is in. This week, the Kauffman Foundation held a seminar on "Online Branding for Startups" with help from Mark Traphagen of Virante, a SEO marketing firm out of Durham, N.C. I learned a number of things in the hours we discussed branding with entrepreneurs and Kauffman associates, but here are my top four takeaways.

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Building a Better Fish
Zimmerman Eilene
Article Resource

Richard Brauman always loved caviar. But for many years the former Federal Reserve employee found that, no matter how much he was willing to pay for quality, the goods often had a stale, fishy taste. He blamed it on the traditional practices of companies in caviar-producing countries like Russia and Iran, where fish eggs are harvested infrequently and may be heavily preserved with salt and borax.

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Building a Business Beyond Now
MacKinnon Rebecca
Article Resource

Adaptation to change is a top priority for the founder of a fast-growing company that provides information-management solutions for home-care agencies. Leadership sets the standards for performance. But the bottom line is the bottom line, especially in tighter capital markets. The best way to foster endurance is to build value by satisfying your paying customers.

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