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Company Giving Fosters Real Estate Empire
Richards Nancy T
Article Resource

Nancy Richards could have taken an easier route with her business, but instead chooses to help small, talented companies get established by creating partnerships with them.

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Company Giving to Entrepreneurship Receives Community-Wide Recognition
Carter Joan Carter Stephen
Article Resource

Joan and Stephen Carter's small company gives back to entrepreneurship in a big way through the Junior Achievement program.

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Compass-Driven Strategic Planning

This article from business consultant Stephen Shapiro's blog offers a useful matrix-based method to think strategically about your company and to allocate your time. It also guides the most valuable ways to spend your time, based on the matrix you create.

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Complementary Genius

Complements are products or services that are consumed together or that enhance the consumption of one another, such as movies and popcorn. This in-depth article offers grounding in the theory of complementarity in business; practical examples, such as IBM and Linux; and questions to help you determine what role, if any, this approach can play in the growth of your company.

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Complexities for startups within different healthcare spaces
Blog Resource
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Computer Engineer Builds Micro-Economies through Resource Matching
Smith Jeff
Article Resource

Jeff Smith's trip to Honduras has evolved into a model that encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and helps struggling communities in the process. Smith received the Kauffman Community Award in honor of his accomplishments at a special presentation at the 2006 EO Chicago University.

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Concentrated Power in a Global Economy
Rothkopf David
Audio Resource

David Rothkopf, CEO of Garten Rothkopf and author of <em>Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They are Making</em>, mulls over the research in his latest social macroeconomic tome.  He iterates a wealth of trends and statistics on the ever-broadening gap between rich and poor, and how true global influence is the product of a shockingly small handful of global players.

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Conducting International Negotiations
Horgen Harald
Article Resource

Building relationships and focusing on business terms with potential partners are key while not letting cultural differences get in the way while negotiating abroad. This seasoned negotiator in international transactions presents a comprehensive primer on how entrepreneurs can undertake effective global, business negotiations.

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Conducting a SWOT Analysis
File Resource

This tool provides a SWOT Analysis chart to aid the entrepreneur in reviewing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their business.

Connecting Common Experiences
Berjikly Armen
Audio Resource

Armen Berjikly, the Founder and CEO of The Experience Project, and Julio Vasconcellos, VP of Business Development discuss their experience of building a technology start-up that unites people who can improve each other's lives. Berjikly discusses how he built his new venture from fund raising to establishing the company infrastructure. He talks about the importance of hiring the right people to work in a start-up and illustrates the key role of a "Mentor Capitalist" in the journey of an entrepreneur. Berjikly also describes the financial and psychological challenges an entrepreneur faces while building a company.

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