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Considerations for Founders

Many companies go under because of failure of the relationships among the team members. Teams often launch firms without talking about what they want to get out of the venture. This article shows how company founders can better structure their top team relationships to prevent problems down the road.

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Considering crowdfunding? Get an in-depth look at one new platform
Christina Sherwood
Blog Resource

Looking for early-stage financing for your life science or digital health startup? Crowdfunding, in which individuals and teams can raise money over the Internet from dozens or thousands of sources in small amounts, has become a popular financing tool.

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Core Values for Ethical Entrepreneurship
Benjamin Michelle
Article Resource

Entrepreneurial companies can and should take the ethical high road even as major corporations set appallingly low standards for ethical business behavior, writes the founder of a service concern. Included is a look at the company's own core values with respect to its customers, employees, community, and the company itself.

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Crafting a Mission Statement
File Resource

Answering the questions in this tool can help entrepreneurs craft a mission statement. For companies that already have a mission statement, this is a good opportunity to review and update it.

Create a Company Wealth Map
Chien ChiaLi
Article Resource

Many people start their business with a business plan, perhaps for the purpose of getting initial funding from financial institutions or investors.  But those plans are designed for lenders, not for business owners.

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Creating Collaboration Takes More Than Technology
Rosen Evan
Article Resource

Why should any organization adopt collaboration? There's only one reason—value creation. After all, if we're not creating value, what's the point? With a growing consciousness for collaboration, many companies are investing in collaboration tools and technologies. These range from enterprise instant messaging and unified communications, wikis, and enterprise social media to virtual worlds, Web conferencing, and telepresence.

In a typical scenario, the months fly by after the collaboration tools are implemented. As the seasons change, decision-makers anticipate reaping the benefits of collaboration. And perhaps they can even point to successes within particular business units or functions. Often, though, it's the same old story. The company remains for the most part internally competitive, hierarchical, and command-and-control driven. The tools alone have failed to make the company collaborative. Worse yet, the tools may have created no real value, and the decision-makers who had pinned such high hopes on these tools are surprised.

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Creating Enchantment
Kawasaki Guy
Audio Resource

Entrepreneur and bestselling author Guy Kawasaki shares the secrets to being enchanting and developing influence through the "pillars of enchantment." In this funny and engaging lecture, Kawasaki examines the deep value in being likable, creating trust, and taking empowering action. He also shares keys to telling a great story, overcoming resistance, and enchanting your boss and colleagues.

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Creating Your IP Strategy: Employee Policies
Annette Beck
Blog Resource

What's the most valuable aspect of your business? Is it the bricks and mortar? The equipment? Or is it something intangible? While you can't touch it, feel it or see it, intellectual property when defined as "knowledge" or "know how" is often times the real equity of a business, and if it's lost, it can bring that business to its knees.

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Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture
Lawton Jennifer
Article Resource

Developing an environment in your company that rewards hard work and wins employee loyalty always helps to foster success. That culture may be crucial when your business has to confront a crisis.

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Creating and Realizing the Value of a Business
Hankin R N
Article Resource

Businesses become more valuable when they have certain characteristics that add up to strategic advantages in the marketplace. Regardless of a company's ultimate objective--growth, acquisition or IPO--its owners can create, maximize and sustain value by driving it toward those characteristics. A management consultant explains the tools of his trade and reminds readers that price and value are not identical. Some factors, such as growth, are industry-specific, which is why new-economy companies and their stocks are fetching such extraordinary prices.

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