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Top 10 Most Practical Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Always: too much information, not enough time. This list can pare your blogging time be recommending blogs that are worth your valuable time.

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Top 10 IT Trends

Well-known and well-published futurist Dr. James Canton predicts that the real-time economy of the 21st century will reveal IT as the primary enabling force driving competitive advantage. Check out Dr. Canton's top 10 IT trends for 2007.

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Tools for Business Model Generation
Blank Steve Osterwalder Alexander
Audio Resource

Entrepreneur and business model innovator Alexander Osterwalder discusses dynamic, yet simple-to-use tools for visualizing, challenging and re-inventing business models. Osterwalder articulates how to use the visual language of his business model canvas framework, and shares stories of how this approach helps organizations of all sizes to better create, deliver and capture value.

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Tips for life science entrepreneurs on making great speeches
Seper Chris
Blog Resource

Leaders of biotech companies and other life science businesses need to keep their speeches focused and light on the science. Read more about this and other tips for giving great speeches to investors or anyone else.

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Tips for entrepreneurs working with universities
Emerson Dan
Blog Resource

Life science entrepreneurs are partnering with universities to bring new products to market. Read more for tips on working with universities.

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Time to Get to Work
Ruhe Thom
Blog Resource

Depending upon your politics, the recent passing of the historic healthcare reform bill has you high-fiving friends and co-workers or preparing for Armageddon, as it will most certainly usher in a period pestilence, poverty, and perniciousness.

So whether you’re popping corks on some bubbly or stocking...

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Tightening the Credit Screws
Maltby Emily
Article Resource

In the depths of the credit crunch, community lenders become a popular financing source for Main Street.  But small-business owners may need to work harder to get support from local banks these days.

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Three healthcare entrepreneurs share their stories at MedCity CONVERGE
Christina Sherwood
Blog Resource

At MedCity CONVERGE, a national, executive-level summit on healthcare innovation in Philadelphia last week, the program featured opportunities for life science and digital health entrepreneurs to share their lessons from the field. Here are three of their stories.

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Three Things Mad Men Can Teach Your Startup
Blog Resource

As the sixth season of one of my favorite shows came to a close last weekend, I realized you can actually extract a few important lessons out of the drama of one of television's best shows. And, since we watched the fictitious Sterling Cooper advertising agency grow from a small, boutique firm to a top 30 Madison Avenue agency this season, I thought I would make a few observations about what Mad Men can teach startups.

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Three Things Google Didn't Address in Their Announcement Last Week
Cameron Cushman
Blog Resource

Last week's announcement detailing the rollout of Google's fiber optic network had the feel of a Silicon Valley big-time new product launch. It was definitely a big deal for Kansas City on both sides of the state line. Most importantly, information flowed copiously from Google about the details of their project—a welcome relief from the hitherto tight-lipped tech giant. The Google Fiber announcement lived up to the initial promise to deliver gigabit Internet speeds over a fiber optic network to homes at competitive prices.

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