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5 Must-Haves of an Entrepreneurial Career
Waldorf Gregory
Audio Resource

Greg Waldorf, CEO of the online matchmaking service, describes the essential components of a successful entrepreneurial career. He believes that working with great people, taking risks, adaptability, passion and timely execution of plans can lead to success for entrepreneurs. He draws parallels between the satisfaction found through finding the right career path and a fulfilling relationship.

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Seeking Funding? Ditch Biz Plan, Buy a Lottery Ticket
Wadhwa Vivek
Article Resource

DURHAM, N.C. - Hardly a day goes by when I don’t have a rookie entrepreneur ask for advice on raising money from VCs.

They usually have a fancy-looking business plan with detailed spreadsheets showing how their company will be worth billions by capturing just 1 percent of a market. All they need is some financing, and they’ll take the world by storm.

My advice is always the same: ditch the business plan, and buy a lottery ticket. Your odds are better, and you’ll suffer less stress.

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It's Not Whether You Win or Lose. It's How You Sell the Game
Wachter Paul
Article Resource

From behind home plate, Jason Klein and Casey White look proudly at the Reading Phillies' flamethrower Phillippe Aumont.  It's not his high-priced arm they're admiring, It's what he's wearing.  "They're the only team with pink on their uniforms," White says.

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Your Company Is Worth What You Can Get
Wachs Joshua D
Article Resource

The founder of a software development business had already agreed to be acquired by one company and was ready to sign the documents. Then another company came calling with a better offer. Loyal employees and a working partnership with the buyer turned out to be the crucial assets constituting the value of the business. The author concludes that you need to shop around and negotiate to find out what your company is really worth.

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With a Mentor by Your Side
Voth Emily
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs loath to seek mentoring should take at least one piece of advice: try it, you'll like it, writes the author who built a business by accepting help from smarter and more experienced founders. Included is a look at the workings of her relationship with her current mentor. (Originally Published October 2002)

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10 Things I Learned From Launching a Company in a Recession
Von Tobel Alexa
Article Resource

Two years ago I had an idea for a website. I decided to leave a well paying job, invest all of the money I made post college, and began to start the terrifying journey of building a company. Today, I want to share the ten most powerful things I learned about turning that idea into a business at a time when the economy was at its worst, and capital was scarce. Many of the tips I'm sharing with you were passed down from others who were kind enough to share their experiences and insight with me.

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Healthcare business AutismSphere testing smart phone software
Vinluan Frank
Blog Resource

Health IT startup AutismSphere is replacing paper schedules with electronic ones to provide structure to kids with autism. Founder John Eder is testing the smart phone software in a North Carolina school district and hopes to expand. Read more about this healthcare business that helps kids with autism.

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Branding: The Power of Personality
Vernon Lillian
Article Resource

At a time when branding is more important than ever for entrepreneurs, Lillian Vernon, the doyenne of direct-mail retailing, talks about branding herself to reach her customers. In the past half century, the strategy has enabled her company to get valuable publicity, as well as more easily extend its product line and weather times of crisis, the author writes.

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Mission Hills Builds for China’s Golf Boom
Veach Emily
Article Resource

When you run the biggest golf resort in the world and you bring a weak game, you play.  Early and often, night and day.  That's what Ken Chu did when he became vice-chairman of Mission Hills Group.  The company opened the first course on what is now a sprawling 12-course club in Shenzhen, China, in 1994, and is building a 10-course venue in Hainan, the southern Chinese island Beijing is backing a tourism hub.

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Preparing for a Post-Entrepreneurial Life
Turpin Debra
Article Resource

Regularly reviewing your business plan ensures that you meet the needs of a growing enterprise. This allows you to identify key growth areas that you want to target.

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