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InnoEngineer offers quick access to a vast pool of talented engineers and a streamlined environment

Thom Ruhe on November 15, 2011

The company transforms the slow and inefficient process of hiring engineers for projects into a solution that speeds innovation through rapid access to a global pool of talented engineers and cloud-based engineering tools that facilitate successful completion of projects. Project registration takes just a few minutes and follows an easy five-step process. 1) Project owner posts a project for bid based on easy-to-use automated template; 2) Interested engineers bid on the project; 3) Project owner selects the preferred engineer, team, or company. 4) provides the newly-formed team with the right tools to succeed such as disk space, online collaboration tools, and a forum available to streamline the completion of the project; 5) Upon completion, the project owner evaluates and rates the engineers involved in the projected. In this way, we are creating a trusted feedback mechanism project owners can count on. Engineers provide education, experience and skills in their searchable profiles and are rated by past project owners to help new project owners to make a selection. InnoEngineer enables the project owner to form an expert team quickly from a large pool of talented individuals and niche engineering firms, and then provides the newly-formed team with the right tools to succeed. InnoEngineer is listed by National Society of Professional Engineers at InnoEngineer is listed at

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