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Episode 17 Silicon Prairie News Big Kansas City


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Speaker(s):  Thom Ruhe  View Full Transcript

This week on Top of Mind, we attend Silicon Prairie News' inaugural Big Kansas City conference at the Airline History Museum in Kansas City, Mo. Drawing attendees and speakers from all over the country, we'll listen to founders like Micah Baldwin of Graphicly and Jamie Wong of Vayable discuss the key factors in developing startup communities. We'll also hear about failures and mistakes from Dan Martel, founder of ventures such as Flowtown, Spheric Technologies and current CEO of

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Silicon Prairie News - Big Kansas City

Micah Baldwin - Graphicly

Dhani Jones - BowTie Cause

Dan Martel - Clarity

Mike Macadaan - Science Inc

Rachel Brooks - CitizenMade

Jamie Wong - Vayable

Orbiting the Giant Hairball

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