Global Innovation Tournament


The Bottle It Updo - (Tournament)
Date: 11/10/2008
Length: 2 minutes
Sources: Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Description: Don't bottle up your frustrations when you could use the Bottle It Updo instead! This is a humorous submission to the Global Innovation Tournament .

Other Videos in Series

A Rubber Band Model Of the Universe - (Tournament)
Summary: In this project, the student used rubber bands to construct a desktop model that illustrates the principles of Einstein's theory of special relativity. This rubber band desktop model is a fully self-contained model of a universe
in which one can actually do experiments in special relativity. One of the fundamental principles of modern science is that the speed of light is constant in every inertial frame of reference. In this rubber band model, I am able to
demonstrate why this principle is true. In this rubber band scale-model universe, all laws of physics are controlled by the Sine-Gordon equation, a single nonlinear partial differential equation that admits stable solutions that are known as
solitons. By using these special solutions, I am able to construct measuring rods made out of kink solitons and clocks made out of breather solitons. If these solitons are then given a velocity, the kink measuring rods undergo length
contractions and the breather clocks undergo time dilations. As measured by rubber band people living in this universe who use these measuring tools, the speed of light in this universe is constant in every inertial system. What is important
about this rubber band desktop model universe is that we can do other experiments involving special relativity and that we can then extrapolate these results to our own real physical universe. In particular, this rubber band model universe
shows why the speed of light in our own real universe is constant in every inertial system. Watch More
An Algae Bioreactor from Recycled Water Bottles - (Tournament)
Summary: Two major problems facing the physical world today can be broadly categorized into (1) how to increase the amount of consumable energy available for the worlds needs and (2) how to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases produced.
Of course, these problems are negatively linked together inasmuch as, without further offsets, an increase in the production of carbon fuels leads to an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases produced when these fuels are consumed. In this
video we shall look at a method that breaks this negative link by considering a project that increases the worlds supply of oil using biofuels and which at the same time decreases the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide used during its
production. The resulting product is a sustainable biofuel whose carbon footprint is neutral inasmuch as the CO2 produced on consumption is essentially balanced by the CO2 used in its production. Watch More
ArtWeb 2.0 - Collaborative Connections Through Rubber Bands - (Tournament)
Summary: The Global Innovation Tournament submission ArtWeb brought strangers together to create a work of beauty in 5 hrs, with 400+ hands from across the globe, and 800+ rubber bands. Watch More
Bottled Solutions - Babson/Stanford Innovation Challenge - (Tournament)
Summary: Bottled Solutions was a Global Innovation Tournament team of Olin and Babson students based out of Needham, MA. They were introduced to the challenge as part of the Babson Innovation Challenge, and Bottled Solutions developed as a
result of the challenge. Watch More
Do Bands - (Tournament)
Summary: "Grab a Do-Band and Get It Done!" The Do-Band project sets out to create positive social change through self-empowerment. One of the greatest obstacles facing "Causes" is that you often must convince the person to support your
cause?but this creates a paralyzing chasm between acknowledgement and action. Signatures and pledges mean very little without true commitment. Do-Bands combine this insight with the realization that everyone has their own causes that they care
about. Everyone has something on his/her To-Do list that they want to do, they ought to do, but they just never get to it (calling your mom, registering to vote, or donating blood). These are powerful to-do items that have a lot of
potential...if only they were completed. Do-Bands overcome this block. Here is how they work: We labeled and handed out hundreds of Do-Bands. By accepting a Do-Band, you are pledging to wear the Do-Band until you fulfill your promise. Then,
you record your success, and pass the Do-Band to someone else! However, each Do-Band has a unique number on it, so the value and journey of the individual band can be tracked online ( In this way, participants are given
the opportunity to see how other stories have branched out from theirs, creating a social web of success stories that empowers people to take action. In addition, we created Virtual Do-Bands that allowed us to reach beyond the Stanford campus
and actually go international. Do-Bands were able to capture the spirit of E-Week by promoting creativity, risk taking, and innovation by encouraging individuals to follow through with a commitment to themselves or others. Watch More
FingeRa (Latest Version) - (Tournament)
Summary: FingeRa is a humorous Global Innovation Tournament submission using a water bottle. The FingerRa collects far-flung fingernails. Watch More
My Darling Ethyl, - (Tournament)
Summary: A love story with a twist! A creative, and well-produced entry into the Global Innovation Tournament. Watch More
ShoeBands Infomercial - (Tournament)
Summary: For the Global Innovation Tournament, this group of Stanford Students came up with the revolutionary and humorous ShoeBand technology! Watch More
Soapy Saves the Day! - (Tournament)
Summary: This entry into the Global Innovation Tournament is a story for children and adults alike about bottled water and the environment. Watch More
Stanford Green Fenders - (Tournament)
Summary: Winter is approaching, and Stanford students prepare for the rain by creatively reusing waste materials to create a valuable product for their community. Introducing: The Green Fender. "Keeping water bottled at full
throttle" Watch More
Stanford Secret Sharing (SSSh!!) - (Tournament)
Summary: Stanford Secret Sharing was submitted to the Global Innovation Tournament by a group of Stanford Students. Watch More
The Bottle It Updo - (Tournament)
Summary: Don't bottle up your frustrations when you could use the Bottle It Updo instead! This is a humorous submission to the Global Innovation Tournament . Watch More
The Habit-Breaker - (Tournament)
Summary: This entry to the 2008 Global Innovation Tournament was a simple, low-cost device called the Habit-Breaker -- using rubber bands as a critical component -- which can potentially help millions of people to reduce their negative
behaviors. Watch More

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