Energizing Health | Pittsburgh | Building Bridges: Beyond Patient Engagement

Energizing Health | Pittsburgh | Building Bridges: Beyond Patient Engagement Agenda
July 14th 10:30-6 p.m.
QIT Center, 650 Smithfield Street, 26th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Welcome to Energizing Health 2014! The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in collaboration with Health Data Consortium will host a series of events across five major U.S. cities to catalyze collaboration and innovation within healthcare.

In each event, a group of selected entrepreneurs will have a chance to meet and discuss collaboration and development opportunities with key stakeholders within healthcare including hospital systems care centers, payers, technologists and other industry leaders.

Meet the Pittsburgh Chief City Architects

The Pittsburgh Symposium will feature:

  • Keynote from Bryan Sivak, Chief Technology Officer of United States Department of Health & Human Services
  • A series of participatory panel discussions to further a collective understanding of the patient engagement space from a business, design, and engineering perspective.
  • Targeted one-on-one meetings between select entrepreneurs and those stakeholders whose engagement needs* are poised to align with novel solutions.
  • The rollout of the Health Collaboration Playbook from the Kauffman Foundation, a learning document highlighting best practices and strategies to implement collaborations between different stakeholders.

Download the Energizing Health Playbook 2014

Stakeholder *Engagement Needs

We see a growing need in healthcare to change how the industry works with patients, members, and families. This need is in order to accommodate numerous factors including the emergence of ubiquitous computing, shifts in care economics, and an increasingly consumerist landscape.

In our ongoing pursuit of better, cheaper, more accessible care, we are looking for technologies that would leverage the above forces in diverse areas of healthcare. All applications will be considered, however added consideration will be given to those companies seeking to address:

  • The coordination of information and resources toward managing health decisions and activities
  • Chronic disease management including:
    • Pain
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Cardiovascular/Metabolic
    • CNS/Mental health
    • Wound management
    • Child trauma
  • Assisting patients and families navigating transitions of care / home health / palliative care.
  • Medical diagnostics poised to decrease the cost and toll of infection,delayed diagnosis.
  • Data analytics, especially those informing the use of personalized regimens, claims data, or the reshaping of cross-functional care delivery.
  • Increasing understanding, motivation and interest for patients and families managing health decisions and activities

Most importantly, we're looking beyond the now for tools that allow healthcare organizations and consumers to interact intelligently, across time and devices, according to the needs of both sides. 

We're seeking those startups who have seen the potential for a new kind of healthcare consumer software platform. 

The deadline is June 2 | Apply Now