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Protecting IP portfolio is key for life science startups

Building and protecting an intellectual property portfolio for your life science startup is important not only for protecting an idea, but also for increasing your company's valuation. Read more for tips on intellectual property protection.

Life science provisional patents: Be ready to file plenty and quickly

With changes in the patent process favoring life science companies who are first to file an idea, companies can't be afraid to file multiple applications, including some that are never used. Read more about filing to protect your intellectual property.

Life science intellectual property strategy in China (and beyond)

A life science company needs an intellectual property strategy in China, according to one successful entrepreneur. Read more for tips on securing your intellectual property.

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Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Law This takes you through the various stages of starting a business--from start-up and growth to an initial public offering--while highlighting the legal preparations and pitfalls that go along with them.

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