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Unlimited opportunities spring from Big Data in biotechnology

A frequent buzzword in business these days is "Big Data." But how do investors and developers in the biotechnology industry make the best use of it?

on November 19, 2013
Category:  Growth  Creation  Execution 
Big data holds promise, but won't cure all healthcare ills

Can big data provide the cure for what ails the U.S. healthcare system? While some might consider data analytics a panacea to help achieve a more effective, efficient healthcare system, there are plenty of challenges to overcome, according to participants in a panel on "Fact or Fiction: Healthcare Big Data," at the recent 2013 StrataRx conference in Boston.

on October 7, 2013
Big data, entrepreneurs key to improving quality and cost of U.S. healthcare

Data will drive many of the sweeping changes coming with the Affordable Care Act to the U.S. healthcare system. At the StrataRx conference in Boston this week, innovators in “big data” for healthcare assessed its role in bringing advances in personalized and predictive medicine, major cost savings and research that leads to new technologies.

on September 26,2013
Category:  Execution  Ideation 
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