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Medtech predictions for 2014

2014 will be a better year for venture capital than 2013, but that won't necessarily mean it will be easier for entrepreneurs to raise money. And the life science IPO boom likely won’t be sustained.

on December 30, 2013
Category:  Creation  Ideation 
10 predictions for the healthcare industry in 2014

Based on healthcare industry predictions made last year by leaders and analysts, this year should have brought a re-evaluation of meaningful use (yep), a quantified self movement that would move mainstream (ehhh), more M&A activity in the industry (definitely), and the emergence of interoperability as a competitive benchmark for providers (not quite yet?).

on December 16, 2013
Category:  Growth  Ideation 
Why a CEO should be critical of investors

With so much pressure on entrepreneurs to put together the right management team, create the perfect pitch and get all of the company's ducks in a row before going to look for an investment, it's easy to overlook the fact that a CEO should be just as critical of investors when deciding whether an investment opportunity is a good one.

on November 20, 2013
Category:  Creation 
Venture Capital: Dead or Alive in the 21st Century?

Is venture capital still viable as a model for funding new bioscience research, products and businesses?

on November 15, 2013
Category:  Creation  Growth  Execution 
Investing in bioscience for the long haul

Investors in bioscience are looking not just for financial returns, but societal returns over the long haul in a global economy. And that will take collaborative efforts and a crowdsourcing of expertise as well as capital.

on November 5, 2013
10 insights for investment pitches by panel of experienced entrepreneurs

A panel of investors critiqued and evaluated presentations from four entrepreneurs and discussed what they look for in elevator and longer format pitches. The panelists included Karen Griffith Gryga of Mid-Atlantic Angel Investor Group Fund, Bob Thomson of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania and Ellen Weber of Robin Hood Ventures. Beth Cohen acts as director of emerging growth services at Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome and moderated the panel. Here is some of their advice to entrepreneurs on how to make the cut on selection day.

on August 28, 2013
Category:  Creation 
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