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What you should know before your first fundraising pitch

At a Life Science Ventures Summit hosted by the Kauffman Foundation, Huffington Post writer Jennifer Hill led a discussion focused on the players in entrepreneurship and asked the panel about approaching investors (0:38:28 - 0:44:00). The panel included Nick Franano, Avi Roop and Geoff Clapp.

on November 27, 2013
Category:  Creation 
What is holding your therapeutics pitch back?

Douglas Crawford of QB3 moderated a therapeutics funding panel at a recent Life Science Ventures Summit hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. Crawford focused a majority of the discussion on pitch strategies with Allan May, Karl Handelsman and Jesus Soriano

on November 7, 2013
Category:  Creation  Execution 
Think beyond great idea, understand hospital perspective

Selling new healthcare technologies to hospitals requires jumping over hurdles like "major capital constraints" and "interminable" sales cycle of hospitals, says Paul Levy.

on November 6, 2013
Category:  Creation 
What scares away investors?

I think few things could be more rewarding than investing in a company that develops a cure or effective treatment for any of the hundreds of conditions that affect millions of people with no effective treatment. But finding the right company can be fraught with risk. That's one reason why angel and venture investors have been allocating funds to later stage companies that carry less risk.

on October 30, 2013
Category:  Growth  Creation 
Have a long-term plan that is clear for investors

Kim Popovits, CEO of Genomic Health Inc., gave the keynote speech at a Life Science Ventures Summit hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. Popovits shared her personal experiences as examples during her speech, and a major focus was on developing a proper business model to gain the right investments (17:50-21:26).

on October 24, 2013
Category:  Ideation  Execution 
10 insights for investment pitches by panel of experienced entrepreneurs

A panel of investors critiqued and evaluated presentations from four entrepreneurs and discussed what they look for in elevator and longer format pitches. The panelists included Karen Griffith Gryga of Mid-Atlantic Angel Investor Group Fund, Bob Thomson of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania and Ellen Weber of Robin Hood Ventures. Beth Cohen acts as director of emerging growth services at Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome and moderated the panel. Here is some of their advice to entrepreneurs on how to make the cut on selection day.

on August 28, 2013
Category:  Creation 
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