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Using data to see how healthcare interventions affect a patient

One pathway to improving the healthcare provided to those with chronic diseases is giving clinicians the ability to measure, predict and forecast what is happening in a patient population, and determine the most effective interventions.

on Nov. 11, 2014
Category:  Ideation 
Health and Human Services makes push for patient engagement

Finding ways to involve patients in taking more responsibility for their own health has been a perennial topic in health care, and the discussion has taken on new urgency with the growing need to control costs while improving quality of care.

on July 14, 2014
Category:  Ideation 
Harnessing the power of social media for social good in healthcare

In the final day of Healthcare's Grand Hackfest: Idea to Breakthrough Innovation in One Weekend, teams prepared the final push for their ideas developed over the course of a few days at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

on March 20, 2014
Category:  Ideation 
Development partners offer value through experience

Partnerships in innovation development phases can offer a wide range of benefits in the healthcare industry where experience can simplify complex processes.

on December 10, 2013
Category:  Creation 
DARPA's director of small business programs shares funding tips

The Department of Health and Human Services isn’t the only federal agency interested in funding medical research. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Department of Defense's primary innovation engine that's responsible for developing new technologies for use by the military, also frequently undertakes project in biology, medicine and neuroscience.

on October 14, 2013
Category:  Creation 
New eMed white paper: business model canvas

Getting on the right path from the beginning is a key to an entrepreneur's success.

on September 23, 2013
Category:  Ideation  Execution  Growth 
Two feasible strategies for healthcare startups seeking funding

The money is still out there, but don't take it until you absolutely have to. That was the advice to healthcare startups from Fahd M.T. Riaz, a partner in Morgan Lewis's Business and Finance Practice. He talked about trends in funding for healthcare startups on a panel at CONVERGE with Kelly Campbell Slone of the National Venture Capital Association, Joe Hammer of GE Capital Healthcare Fianancial Services, Fadh Riaz, and Elliot Menschik of DreamIt Ventures. Sixty-five percent of his clients are emerging startups and the rest are big companies like J&J and Boston Scientific.

on August 14, 2013
Category:  Creation  Execution 
UBI analyzes top university incubators

The team behind the University Business Incubator Index set out to find the top university incubators in the world, discover what makes them successful, and learn where others are falling short. Over the past year, they collected data on 150 university incubators in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. They interviewed incubator managers, entrepreneurs and investors, and came up with about 60 independent indicators of success. Then they scored each incubator, adjusting scores for those in the most favorable and unfavorable locations.

on July 1, 2013
Category:  Execution  Creation  Growth 
eMed's 6 to follow in entrepreneurship

Check out this week's 6 to follow in entrepreneurship. 

on June 28, 2013
Category:  Execution  Creation  Growth  Ideation 
5 Boston entrepreneurs explain issues in healthcare startups

If you're a startup working on a product for the healthcare industry, Boston is the place to be. During a trip to Bean Town, I was curious to hear what startup founders found most challenging in a city so rich with resources. The gripes I usually hear elsewhere, like troubles with seed funding or U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation, didn't come up as much. Instead, these founders seemed to find the more personal elements of entrepreneurship most challenging. Many times I found myself talking to people who had made a shift from working in tech or research to becoming a business owner.

on June 24, 2013
Category:  Growth