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What to expect during due diligence: One investor's 12 steps

Healthcare investor Lisa Suennen laid out her 12 steps of due diligence at the Energizing Health: Houston event last week and gave entrepreneurs an idea of what to expect as they get to know investors and determine whether they're a good match.

on Oct. 14, 2014
Category:  Growth 
How to tell your digital health startup's story in 3 minutes or less

Communicating the essence of your startup in two, three or even five minutes may seem impossible, but as pitch contests and accelerator demo days continue to multiply, it's an important skill for an entrepreneur to have.

on Oct. 13, 2014
Category:  Growth 
The cardinal rule of due diligence for startups: Don't ever lie

A little exaggeration on your resume could put more than your career at risk if you're an entrepreneur; it could put your company's chances of success on the line.

on Oct. 10, 2014
Category:  Growth 
Medical devices should focus on transparency, austerity and wellness

The CEO of a startup credited his company's success in raising money to two factors. Human data about the dissolving stent and a tight budget. Kamal Ramzipoor of Amaranth Medical said those two accomplishments helped his company raise $20 million in a series B round.

on November 11, 2013
Category:  Creation  Execution 
DARPA's director of small business programs shares funding tips

The Department of Health and Human Services isn’t the only federal agency interested in funding medical research. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Department of Defense's primary innovation engine that's responsible for developing new technologies for use by the military, also frequently undertakes project in biology, medicine and neuroscience.

on October 14, 2013
Category:  Creation 
"Unmentionables" session at Health 2.0 addresses vulnerability

The "Unmentionables" session at Health 2.0 seems to be almost an anomaly among the predictably young group of entrepreneurial attendees, but apparently there are some topics that are not discussed in healthcare, from divorce, work stress and alcoholism to sex and suicide.

on October 4, 2013
Category:  Ideation 
Give your medical device a proper FDA submission with these 3 keys

It's stressful. If you're a startup, your company depends on it: it's your FDA panel meeting. And, as Michael C. Morton, the vice president of global regulatory affairs at Medtronic (MDT), said, "It's kinda culminated with throwing the dice."

on September 25, 2013
Category:  Execution  Creation 
New eMed white paper: business model canvas

Getting on the right path from the beginning is a key to an entrepreneur's success.

on September 23, 2013
Category:  Ideation  Execution  Growth 
eMed's 6 to follow in entrepreneurship

See who made this week's eMed's 6 to follow in entrepreneurship

on September 13, 2013
Category:  Creation  Growth  Execution  Ideation 
9 strategies for entrepreneurs working with angel investors

The number of angel investors in the U.S. has jumped 60 percent since 2002, and the number of dollars they've invested in companies has gone up even faster. Not to mention that a few new angel groups have sprouted just within the last year to invest especially in life science companies.

on September 11. 2013
Category:  Creation  Growth