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Two feasible strategies for healthcare startups seeking funding

The money is still out there, but don't take it until you absolutely have to. That was the advice to healthcare startups from Fahd M.T. Riaz, a partner in Morgan Lewis's Business and Finance Practice. He talked about trends in funding for healthcare startups on a panel at CONVERGE with Kelly Campbell Slone of the National Venture Capital Association, Joe Hammer of GE Capital Healthcare Fianancial Services, Fadh Riaz, and Elliot Menschik of DreamIt Ventures. Sixty-five percent of his clients are emerging startups and the rest are big companies like J&J and Boston Scientific.

MedCityNews .com
on August 14, 2013
Category:  Creation  Execution 
5 Boston entrepreneurs explain issues in healthcare startups

If you're a startup working on a product for the healthcare industry, Boston is the place to be. During a trip to Bean Town, I was curious to hear what startup founders found most challenging in a city so rich with resources. The gripes I usually hear elsewhere, like troubles with seed funding or U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation, didn't come up as much. Instead, these founders seemed to find the more personal elements of entrepreneurship most challenging. Many times I found myself talking to people who had made a shift from working in tech or research to becoming a business owner.

MedCityNews .com
on June 24, 2013
Category:  Growth 
Life science entrepreneurs in NYC gain resource with new incubator in Harlem

New York City has been adding to its life science incubator landscape in the past couple years to dissuade biotech researchers graduating from its universities from heading to Boston or New Jersey or worse yet, the West Coast. The most recent development is a life science incubator in Harlem scheduled to open this fall that will house up to 20 companies.

MedCityNews .com
on June 17, 2013
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Five strategic reminders for healthcare startups

Some advice is good enough to repeat and repeat and repeat. Marti Nyman is managing director of Altavail Partners, LLC, an innovation, strategy and business acceleration consultancy. He also writes at Think. Act. Grow. He recently spoke at a meet up of to share advice about building a new company. The advice is not new but it's easy to forget when you are focused on tactics and details of your unique company.

MedCityNews .com
on June 12, 2013
Category:  Execution 
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