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Is locavesting the next logical step for small business financing

Local investing could be the answer to the problem of dealing with big banks and the way they do business. Read more about this funding alternative for startups.

on January 17, 2012
To find the right candidate dig deeper

Entrepreneurs are a busy lot, and the busiest startup owners may take shortcuts when interviewing job candidates. But failing to ask the right questions in such situations could cost your business plenty.

on December 30, 2011
Jobs at startups require canadites with more than a strong resume

Just because an applicant has strong qualifications doesn't mean he's the right employee for you. Read more about establishing the right business culture at your healthcare startup.

on December 29, 2011
New York City opens business incubator

New York City has sort of been left out of the entrepreneurial business incubator dynamic. But not anymore. Several new business incubators, including one located smack in the middle of the Big Apple, just hung their "open for business" signs.

on December 28, 2011
Communicating with the FDA Be proactive startup veteran says

When communicating with the FDA during the approval process, it's best to be proactive, says startup veteran Jane Hollingsworth. Read more about her advice for those launching new healthcare businesses.

on December 27, 2011
Entrepreneurs optimistic heading into 2012 survey says

Entrepreneurs are optimistic about 2012, with a general feeling that the worst of the Great Recession has passed, according to one survey. Read more about the survey's other findings.

on December 23, 2011
When why and how to patent your innovative medical device

A strong intellectual property portfolio is key to your healthcare startup. Read how to go about getting a patent for your innovative medical device.

on December 22, 2011
Seeking funding for your startup Dont overlook foundations

Life science startups looking for funding should keep foundations in mind as a potential source. Read more for tips on getting funding from foundations.

on December 21, 2011
New healthcare businesses get a funding boost from Healthbox

Would you, the healthcare startup owner, accept $50,000 in funding in exchange for a 7 percent equity stake in your business? That's the question a Chicago-based healthcare seed accelerator is asking healthcare entrepreneurs. And pretty soon, we'll see how they answer that question.

on December 20, 2011
Why should some medical cities be happy about Occupy Wall Street

New healthcare businesses in some medical cities may benefit from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read more about how cities in areas without state incentives for investment could be better off in the near future.

on December 19, 2011