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Six innovation killers for small businesses

Entrepreneurs know they need to innovate. The fact is, one academic shows, startup business owners are more apt to kill innovation than embrace it.

on December 16, 2011
Opportunities and challenges of expanding in the global life science market

With double-digit growth expected in the life science market outside of the U.S., China or India is a likely place for a medical business to expand. Here's how to deal with third-party intermediaries.

on December 15, 2011
Seeking federal funding for your life sciences company

Life sciences startups seeking federal funding can benefit from these quick tips. Read more for ideas on where to look and how to go about it.

on December 14, 2011
Startup Weekend brings 54 hours of collaboration and innovation to healthcare

Startup Weekend facilitates global entrepreneurship through 54-hour innovation sessions. Now it's turning its eye to creating new healthcare businesses and medical device startups.

on December 12, 2011
Is there golden opportunity in the Golden State

California doesn't have a great reputation for business, but facts are facts, and those facts state that the Golden State is far and away the best place to launch a new business. Says who? Thousands of new startup employees.

on December 09, 2011
How to find investors for your life science startup Advice from angels

Angel investors in the life sciences talk about when, why and how to seek angel funding for your pharmaceutical, mobile and medical device startups.

on December 08, 2011
Startup healthcare firms vulnerable to hackers

Healthcare entrepreneurs have enough on their plate without worrying about security breaches. But ignore those breaches and you risk losing your entire company.

on December 07, 2011
Five questions entrepreneurs must answer to get an investment from West Health

How do medical device startups and other new healthcare businesses get investments? They need to know how to answer some key questions, according to the manager of the West Health Investment Fund.

on December 06, 2011
Medical mobile apps to play larger role in patients health if doctors let them

Medical mobile apps will be placing patients in closer touch with their own health data, if doctors are willing to give up that control. That was one of the takeaways from a speaker at the mHealth Summit going on in Washington, D.C.

on December 05, 2011
Small biotech companies could benefit from business friendly bills in Congress

Small biotech companies may have the feeling that venture capital firms are avoiding small life sciences firms like the plague. But maybe not for longĀ -- if Washington has anything to say about it.

on December 02, 2011